How I Spy on My Dog

In partnership with Hive.

Hemingway puppy standing on couch.

Ever wonder what your pets do while you are gone? I mean, who doesn’t!?! I’ve always been super curious what Hemingway does when I leave.

He is a bit of an anxious pup and does NOT like to be alone. I’ve learned that he’s on his best behavior if I get him some exercise right before I leave (basically wear him out). Then he’s exhausted and I assume he will mostly sleep while I’m gone. I can usually tell if he’s been sleeping because he’ll have sleepy eyes when I get home, and I can see where he’s messed up the pillows on our couch or bed.

In the past he’s been pretty good. We learned early on that a kennel was NOT going to work for him. In the year and a half we’ve had him, he’s only ruined two pairs of my shoes, both of which when he was young and had I left him home alone for maybe just a tad longer than he was ready for.

He hasn’t ruined any shoes since, but I don’t leave any of my good ones out anyway. Not taking any chances!

Being the anxious pup he is, I know that any sounds can freak him out. So I always turn on music before I leave to hopefully drown out any noises that would make him nervous while I’m gone.

Instead of imagining what he does while I’m gone, now I can watch him with the new Hive Camera! You might remember I made my new home smart with Hive a few months ago so I can already control the thermostat, lights, and even outlets from my Hive app no matter where I am.

Now they’ve added a camera and the Hive Camera App so you can keep an actual eye on your home while you are away. Or even while you are home!

Styled Bookshelf

I love how seamlessly the camera blends into my decor. You wouldn’t even notice it if you weren’t looking for it! We have it on the top shelf of this bookshelf so we have an entire view of our living space and a view of the front door.

So not only can I watch Hemingway, but I can see if there’s any trouble at home and what’s going on no matter where I am. I already have a Hive sensor on the front door that notifies me if the door opens and closes through the app, so now with the Hive Camera I can even see who it is. This could be great for babysitters, housekeepers, dog walkers, real estate situations, etc.

Hive Camera

Meg Biram and dog Hemingway

This is me telling Hemingway I’m leaving, and not to worry, I’ll be home soon.

Hemingway Puppy

This is the look he gives me as I exit.

Meg Biram and dog Hemingway

This is him trying to come with me.

Hemingway through the door.

We didn’t notice this for a while, but whenever my husband or I leave, he gets up on the arm of the couch to look out the window! As we were driving past one day I saw him do this through the window, and now he almost always does it.

Bookshelf with Hive Camera

Hemingway puppy through the window.

The look on his face kills me!

Hive App on Phone

We named our camera the Hemi Cam in the app! You can have more than one camera so being able to name them depending on the room they are in makes it easy.

Hemingway puppy on couch.

Hive Camera App

Once I left I could see him very clearly in the app, standing on the side of the couch — watching me leave. He also does this anytime the mailman or a delivery person comes, but usually he’s barking as well.

Hive Camera

Meg Biram talking to dog via Hive App

Another cool thing is that you can talk to you pet — or whomever — through the app. There’s a speaker in the camera. So if your pet is doing something bad, you can tell them NO!

Meg Biram in car looking at phone.

For days when I’m gone a long time, or he’s not feeling well, I have a piece of mind that I can check in on him. And also the camera gives me an extra layer of safety for our home.

Hive Camera on Bookshelf

Watching dog on Hive App

You can even zoom in on the camera. And my husband and I tested the night vision — it’s amazing! It works so well, I don’t even understand how!

Find so many more details about Hive, what they offer, and more details about the Hive Camera and the camera app on the Hive website!


Photos by Emma Weiss

This post was sponsored by Hive. All opinions are my own.