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I didn’t know I was going to attempt Dry January (where you don’t drink any alcohol in January). It just sort of happened.

On New Year’s Eve I had enough wine to make me hungover, so on New Year’s Day I was in no mood to drink. Or workout for that matter. But I gave myself a bye that day because I rarely drink more than two glasses of wine in a day anyway. My husband and I went to a long dinner and out for drinks with friends and even though we were home right around midnight, it was really fun (am I aging myself here?).

the upside palm tank // megbiram.com

After my New Year’s Day hangover I didn’t really want to see alcohol for a few days. I just felt like I needed to detox and I kept hearing about Dry January so I thought I’d attempt it. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it because if something happened (which I thought it might) and I didn’t make it all the way, that’d be ok too.

I made it 20 days. I actually felt like 20 days was an accomplishment instead being a failure. The only reason I didn’t make it all the way was (the reason I knew would probably happen) is because my grandfather died and I went home for a week for his funeral. And my family is Irish Catholic — no joke, his coffin was green, and he was buried in green suit, everyone wore green to the funeral, he loved green — so drinking just comes with it. He would have wanted me to have wine and pizza from the pizza franchise he started in 1967 (the Pizza Shoppe in Kansas City if you’re wondering — best pizza EVER)!

So Dry January was a 20-day success in my mind. Maybe I’ll try it again next year…

the upside palm tank // megbiram.com

About daily exercise. I worked out almost every day until I left for Kansas City, only missing a day or two if I wasn’t feeling well for whatever reason or felt like I needed to recover (from getting too sore at Crossfit).

I mentioned in this post about scheduling your workouts on your calendar and treating it as your most important meeting of the day. I used this tactic and it really works for me.

One thing I really wanted to focus on this year was my personal health & fitness and prior to going to KC I was doing great. When I finally got back to DC (I was stuck in Kansas City for two extra days due to the blizzard in DC) the roads were still pretty bad so I didn’t leave my condo much for a few days while I caught up on work (and I’m a total hermit in cold weather). So my 6-day going home pizza wine hiatus turned into a 9-day snowed-in hermit hiatus.

Now things are back to normal, and I’m back into scheduling my workouts, eating more salads versus pizza (I love pizza), and focusing on the healthy stuff. I’m doing a combination of yoga, Crossfit and pilates.

How about you, how’s your year going? Did you attempt Dry January? Have you ever tried it? Was exercise or healthy eating on your resolution list?

the upside palm tank // megbiram.com


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the upside palm tank // megbiram.com

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