I Got Rid of All My Magazines and I’m Still Alive

beloved magazine collection

I always felt that my magazine obsession was justified. I got my degree in journalism, specifically in magazine, so in my mind, it wasn’t a hoarding situation perse.

Let me start from the beginning. I started collecting magazines when I was in middle school (maybe elementary?). Seventeen for fashion, and Bop (JTT anyone?!).  I got over Bop pretty quick, it was basically posters of cute boys, and I moved on to Glamour, Cosmo, and Mademoiselle. Then eventually onto all of the magazines I’ve read consistently over the past 15 years which include but are not limited to: Elle, Elle Decor, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Lucky, Domino, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Porter, InStyle, Self, and even more. I’ve had a subscription to most of those magazines at one point in time.

So you can imagine they pile up.

In the days before Pinterest “tear sheets” were what we wacko creatives did. I had binders with plastic sleeves with tear sheets in them, organized by why I kept them. Once Pinterest and digital photos came along, I stopped the tear sheets and started just keeping the magazines. I’ve always seemed to have plenty of room for them, and those white spines on a bookshelf just make me happy.

At first, it was a bit of an OCD situation. If my husband put a drink on the cover of a magazine I would give him a look like, if you don’t take that cup off my pristine magazine cover

In the past five years I’ve gotten much more lax about it. I still kept them, but wasn’t as concerned about them. But I couldn’t throw them out until I “went through them” which is where the hoarder/OCD tendencies kick in. Now that I’ve been this way for over 15 years, I realize, no I don’t ever go back through them. And the world is only getting more and more digital and I could probably find every single photo from those magazines online somewhere.

So as much as it pained me, I decided it was time to really let go. Like almost conquer a fear level. Let go of my domino magazines…who am I?!? There are new magazines every month, that I still get in the mail, so it was high time I let go of the old ones I’ve never opened again. A few were even still in their plastic mailer bags, so I obviously never read them.

As much as I loved them, I felt like they were something that was weighing me down and they had to go.

Moving into a much smaller apartment will do that to you — you start to let go of things you otherwise wouldn’t. But it feels good. I read in a book once that you have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. Ok new — I went out on a limb here — I’m ready for you!

My husband took this photo of me last night before I started chucking them in the recycling bin — which I documented on Snapcat at the time. He thought it would be funny to see how high we could stack my magazines and if they would touch our tall ceilings. Well, they did and I had to start a second stack.

Every time I look at this photo it cracks me up.

And about all those tear sheets? I got rid of them too. I know. I’m insane.

I still have a ton of “office” stuff to go through. Most of which I don’t need. I have like 10 bags of clothing ready to take to resale stores, and I’ve already donated two car loads to Goodwill, and more to the scavengers in my old apartment building. You could put anything in the recycling room with a free sign, and someone would take it. It was amazing.

If part of my job wasn’t photo styling I could get rid of more. I have vases crawling out of my ears. But they come in handy when styling photo shoots, so I only parted with a few of them.

My closet will go through another edit (using my Life Edit process) and I’m sure that will result in a few more full bags of clothes, shoes, and handbags to sell (or to send to my sister).

This mega cleanse due to a quick move to a smaller apartment has actually felt really good. I’m just ready to finish it!

Your turn! Tell me your magazine hoarding stories! If not magazines, what is it for you? What do you collect/have a hard time getting rid of?