I’m sooooooo excited to tell you I’m heading to Zurich next week! Yep, that tiny country in Europe that’s referred to when trying to say you are neutral on a subject — Switzerland!

I’m going with a few other bloggers. Follow my Instagram and Snapchat (user: megbiram) for updates while I’m there! I’ve never been to Zurich, so I am beyond excited. The weather is looking warm, just like it is here in DC. For two of the days it’s supposed to be sunny with a high of 92 and a low of 66, one day it says rain with a high of 79, and another is partly cloudy and 83. So basically hot and possible rain.

Packing is now on my mind. Obviously comfy walking shoes are a must. Might have to take one pair of heels for dinners. I’m going to aim for packing in a carry-on like I did for China.

I’ll be staying at the Hotel Ambassador à l’Opéra, which looks amazing. Prepare for a ridiculous amount of photos!

I want to say that I am really grateful that this blog that I’ve built over almost 8 years, has started to include a lot of travel. It is honestly a dream job for me, and I’m so grateful that it has become a reality. I was lucky to have been able to travel a lot when I was growing up (all over the US, Mexico, Colombia, Ireland, England) and after college I’ve been all over the US and to the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mexico — and while that is a lot of travel for some people — I’m really a vagabond at heart (not in the job sense, but in the wandering the world sense). I want to go almost EVERYWHERE. When people ask me where I want to go, I literally say everywhere. There’s just so many amazing places I haven’t been or experienced and I want to try to see them all!

If you have any tips about Zurich or Switzerland, I’d love to hear them! 

Where’s your favorite place you’ve ever been? What’s next on your travel list?


Photo is actually not of Zurich (I don’t know where it is from and I obviously don’t have photos from there yet!) but it’s by Alberto Restifo via Unsplash, graphics added by moi!