m street office - georgetown - meg biram

I’m soooooo excited to tell you that I’m MOVING INTO AN OFFICE SPACE! You may have seen this instagram a while ago where I alluded to it, but I didn’t want to say anything major until everything was final. We are in and setting up this week! Follow along on my Instagram @megbiram to watch the space evolve.

I’m sharing the space with several other amazing DC entrepreneurs (all ladies). And because everything needs a name, we’ll be calling it Creative Collective and using the hashtag #ccmstreet because we are located on M Street in Georgetown (holla!).

I wrote this post last summer about the pros and cons of working from home. And really, a lot of the things I felt were pros at the time, I don’t really look at as pros any longer. Not having a commute has made me too sedentary for my liking. Even when I’m working out every day or going for a run every day — it still just seems like not enough movement. Unless I run 5 miles, I don’t even hit my moderate level Nike Fuel goal. And I definitely don’t run 5 miles every day…

I think there’s been a huge swing in office trends. It used to be that everyone worked for one or two companies their entire lives and they always went into an office. Then starting a little with my parents generation (boomers) but mostly Generation X, people started working at multiple companies in their career instead of just one or two. And as workplaces got more flexible people started tele-working and working from home. Some people love working from home. I love having it as an option, like say on a freezing cold and rainy day do I really want to walk to the bus stop? Mmmm we’ll see, but I do have some pretty cool rain boots to wear — isn’t that what they are for!? But after three years I’m beyond ready to not work at home. I’ve been ready for about a year, which is back when I started the process of looking into office space in DC.

Location and aesthetics were top priority and I lucked out when I found this gem. Wood floors, white walls, bay window, and it’s on M Street in Georgetown — sold! I can’t wait to show you how I’m furnishing and decorating the space. It’s going to be different than any office you’ve seen on Pinterest. I’ve partnered with some amazing companies like AllModern, Lamps Plus, Lulu & Georgia, kate spade new york, Illume, and more, to make this space an inspiring place to work.

Follow along on Instagram #ccmstreetdc for the play-by-play. We’ll be doing lots of photo shoots in the next few weeks and months as each little nook evolves. Stay tuned!