donuts with sprinkles and pink cookies

Instead of just doing a recap post with photos from my Instagram Workshop Event at Verizon, I wanted to go a little deeper and tell you how this partnership and event came about. I personally love knowing the behind-the-scenes of why people choose to do certain partnerships and so I thought some of you might find this interesting.

meg biram speaking at instagram workshop

First of all, I am a Verizon customer. I switched to Verizon a few years ago when my other carrier just didn’t have the coverage I needed and my phone didn’t even work in my own apartment. And, I’ve been a happy Verizon customer. Then, when Verizon approached me about an in-store event my initial reaction was no. Honestly, I don’t love hosting events for a multitude of reasons, but from time-to-time will say yes when it works. I even told the guy, it’s really hard to get people to go to events in general, so having one at a Verizon store is going to be even harder.

balloon and palm photo booth backdrop

But they were open-minded when it came to what the event could be so I was up for discussing it. I said, if you want people to come into the store for an event, this is how you have to do it. I laid out my plan, and to my surprise, they were game for it. Having a client trust your judgement and let you run with something is huge.

camera moto mod

So, what was the plan? Well, it couldn’t just be any event. It needed to be something that had value to people. And since Verizon wanted to promote their new phone, the Moto Z Force Droid, and the attachments you can add to it, a projector and a camera (shown above), doing a presentation using the projector, about taking photos and growing your Instagram, seemed like the perfect marriage. Boom — an Instagram Workshop.

jrink juice

Since I’ve taught, and charged a fee for Instagram Workshops before, by coming to this event, people would be getting a condensed version of my best tips FOR FREE. Creating value and giving people something free that you would normally charge money for is a great way to get people to come to an event.

party favor - popcorn with drink umbrellas and sprinkles

I could have easily just given a talk about my Instagram tips and taken Q&A, but I didn’t stop there. I not only wanted to create something valuable for the attendees, but I also wanted to create something memorable, surprising, and photogenic. As nice as the Verizon store on L Street is inside, not many people are going to want to take photos in a cell phone store and post them on social media. I wanted people to be able to have multiple opportunities to take photos of things at the event, and test out what they learned in the workshop right then and there.

balloon and raffia backdrop

To create something memorable, surprising, and photogenic, I went all out and made a huge, colorful balloon backdrop, and put together three tables with food, drinks, and fun decor. I wanted people to walk in to the Verizon store and be like WHOA this is not what I expected to see! A bunch of bright colors, fruit, flowers, and a huge photo booth backdrop.

fruit and flower table

Now my personal aesthetic is not colorful, but this wasn’t about me. A lot of people love color, and colorful things usually translate well in photographs. I wanted to use colors that others would like. And since we were serving juice from JRINK, I thought a citrus theme would be fun and appeal to all kinds of people. Hence where the tropical/citrus theme came from.


The event was a success. We had 50 people RSVP and a good number of them attend. All the chairs were full and it was standing room only. I think everyone learned something during the workshop, a lot of people asked great questions, Verizon got to expose their new products to a captive audience, attendees got to try out some awesome juices from JRINK (their new pumpkin chai is amaze!), and I got to meet some awesome people and execute a successful collaboration with a huge company.

Win, win, win.

event attendee taking a photo of jrink juice

taking a photo of balloon backdrop


Photos by Laura Metzler

This post was sponsored by Verizon. All opinions are my own.