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I’m so excited to have Gabrielle from Savvy Home contributing today! An interior stylist and amazing blogger herself, Gabrielle is going to solve our interior design problems!

Hi all, Gabrielle here from Savvy Home thrilled to be sharing my first contributor post on here today. In the next few months, I’ll be talking about different design “problems” and how to solve them, so don’t hesitate to send yours my way! Here’s the first one.


You’ve just purchased the perfect console for your entry way and you have no idea how to style it. A console is the single most important piece of furniture you need to have in your entry way is a console table on which you can prop your keys, mail, and change.


You’ve probably heard these words one thousand times before: layers and scale. They are the two most important rules when styling. Start with the big items like the rug. I love layering a smaller colorful rug on top of a larger (and inexpensive) sisal or seagrass rug.

The entryway is a great place to go a bit bold and test out that dark color or that patterned wallpaper you’ve been coveting so don’t hold back and go bold. After all it’s your home’s first impression!

The mirror is another important piece. Some prefer artwork above a console which is also great, but I personally like being able to get a quick glance at myself before heading out the door to make sure everything is in order.

I also love layering by adding stools, a bench or even baskets underneath the console table. They’re super practical and will fill the empty space below your console if it looks a bit awkward.

After that comes basic styling of the console, where you can add anything you think you’ll either need, or want to see upon entering your home: a lamp, flowers, trays, boxes, art, frames… The main rule is to make sure your objects have different heights and proportions to make your styling a bit more dynamic.

INTERIOR ELEMENTS: Three drawer pagoda console Twine Coffee Rug / Dash & Albert Rhapsody Wool Woven Rug Cheetah Otttomans / Candice Olson Inlaid Diamon Harlequin Wallpaper / Bunny Williams Sapphire Mirror / Bungalow 5 Christina Porcelain Lamp / Turquoise Coral Art / Red Coral Art / Iris Paper Lacquer Pencil Box / White Orchid

— Gabrielle