Introducing my new Key Tags!

Keep that mantra top of mind all day long!

Key Tags — Fun Mantras

I love anything that is a daily reminder of a mantra I have or something I always want to keep in mind. What’s the one thing you always have on you besides your phone and wallet? Your keys! So I created a line of fun key tags.

I was able to pare down my list of over 50 ideas for the key tags to 13. Each saying has a meaning, is something good to keep in mind, or even just something descriptive that is a fun addition to your keychain.

I ordered very small quantities, so don’t hesitate if you want one. I will be doing a reorder of the most popular ones and possibly add new sayings. However, I may not order them in the same color I have them here, so they may be limited edition — I’m not sure yet! Basically if you really like one in a color that is here, get it before it sells out just in case I don’t reorder in that color.

They are $15 each and make a great gift for someone who is impossible to buy for.

Don’t worry about not being able to find this post in a month, the key tags will live under the PRODUCTS button in the navigation bar on the top of the site on the Key Tags page!

You can purchase the key tags in my shop here.


Here’s a little explanation of each key tag saying:

GSD — Of course I had to make a Get Shit Done key tag! This saying always gives me a burst of motivation to finish tasks.

MOTIVATED AF — Are you? I know I am! Looking at this saying keeps me in line. It makes me think — is what I’m doing right now something that is going to help me reach my goals?

MAKE TODAY YOUR BITCH — Isn’t it a great feeling when you finish your day and you’re like I totally killed today. Seeing this saying on your keychain will help you do that everyday.

GIVE ZERO FUCKS — This is a saying my husband and I say to each other. Basically it means stop caring what people think about you. Who gives a shit, you do you.

I WORK BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SHIT — For anyone who loves their work or their job.

WANDERLUST — For all of us who long to see the world.

BEGIN ANYWHERE — Because you have to begin somewhere, so stop talking and start doing!

MAKE TODAY COUNT — Your days make up your life, so make sure to make the days count! This is always a good reminder to not just mindlessly go through your day but to be intentional about the little things too. They add up!

ADVENTURE — This is something I want more of in my life.

NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST — Personally I feel like I have to exhaust all possibilities before I make decisions about things. Just because you try a lot of things doesn’t mean that you don’t have your shit together or won’t be successful. The wandering is the journey — enjoy it!

ART PERSON — I am one and sometimes I have to remind myself of it! Give myself a little extra nudge to stop working and go to a museum!

GOOD VIBES ONLY — Because we all need all the good vibes in our lives. A good reminder to calm yourself, fill up with good vibes, and give out good vibes.

MAKE ART, DRINK WINE, READ BOOKS — Sounds like the perfect day to me!


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