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As someone who owns their own business, in a new industry (blogging and social media wasn’t really around 10 years ago) I am constantly thinking — what’s next? And — how will this industry evolve? In addition to that, I’m always thinking — what am I doing that has longevity? Where are my true passions that I can do now that are fulfilling to me? I’ve always had the desire to create products but couldn’t land in one particular industry. I love fashion, interiors, art, and others so picking one seemed impossible — so I went into journalism and ended up being a designer. Once I started a blog it gave me a way to be involved with all of the things I was interested in.

As a blogger I’m constantly finding amazing things around the web. But I realize I can find these things because that is part of my job. Not everyone has time to search through pages and pages of websites. 17 pages of necklaces — a little overwhelming, no? I’ve been thinking about my shopping patterns. For the past two years I’ve bought almost all of my holiday gifts (or any gifts for that matter) online. With the huge shift to doing almost everything online, I felt like it was the right time to explore having a more well-rounded, yet curated online shop.

Personally I feel like the most memorable online shops (or bricks and mortar for that matter) are the ones with a specific aesthetic, a personality, an opinion! I have not been able to find an online shop with my specific aesthetic — ding ding ding — my entrepreneurial brain saw an opportunity. I also feel like it can be overwhelming for people to shop online — so my shop will be well-curated. There won’t be 17 pages of necklaces! I will be picking out my absolute favorite products to share with you. Every product in my shop I either personally use or wear, have in my own home, want for myself, or would give as a gift.

I am doing my best to bring you unique items not found everywhere else online (yet). So far, (even though this wasn’t necessarily a goal) almost all of the products in my shop are made right here in America! Others are handmade in Bali, but the company is ran by Americans who live there part-time (um, best life ever?). What’s cooler than mostly American-made items, and supporting other artisans around the world? Something actually — all of the main designers and owners of the businesses I’ve purchased from (so far) are entrepreneurial women like myself. Double bonus.

If you are a fan of my MANIFESTO tees, I will now be releasing them in my new shop (simplifying here!). This shop allows me to do everything I’m planning to do with product under one site/shop.

So without further ado I bring you — THE SHOP!

meg biram - the shop

If your favorite thing sells out, no worries, I will be reordering soon and you can secure the item you want by pre-ordering it. Items that can be pre-ordered will be indicated once they sell out. Some items should only take 2 weeks (or less) if ordered on pre-order, some can take up to 8+ (things like handmade ceramics and leather items made in Bali).

There are a few items I wanted to personally show you and go into some detail about:

urchin - ceramic bowl - home decor - meg biram

This funky urchin sculpture/bowl is multi purpose — you can use it like this — as a sculpture for your coffee table, to top a stack of books, OR you can flip it over, and it is a little bowl. I’ve got it in three colors: white, gray, and copper blue. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces in the shop. When it’s flipped over into a bowl you can put jewelry in it, a votive even, or leave it empty and let the glaze show.

tan leather turban - meg biram

I have been on the hunt for some amazing turbans — and I’ve found them. These turbans are super luxurious. I’ve got the softest black leather and tan leather turbans, a banana leaf print, and a silk black and white print. Each have an adjustable wire so you can manipulate them completely. I might be washing my hair less and less…

pendant necklaces - gun - handcuff - heart - silk wraps - meg biram shop

I love edgy jewelry, and I’ve found the epitome of edge — these pendant necklaces on silk wraps are beyond cool. I am adding an additional silk wrap so each come with two colors of silk wraps. You can take one off, use it for another pendant, wrap it around your arm, it’s completely up to you! These pendants have a good weight to them and I know I’ll be wearing them constantly.

mexicana clutch - leather clutch - wallet - meg biram

I’m all about a wallet/clutch I can put my phone in. This travel clutch/wallet is amazing. Room for everything you need — passport, multiple currencies, slide your phone in one of the zippered pouches.

Click here to head on over to THE SHOP! I’ll be using #megshop and my current twitter and instagram for it.


These lovely photos were taken by Yvonne Rock Photo.