Join Me for Behind the Scenes Week!

Help me raise money for the Fisher House Foundation.

behind the scenes week

I have a really exciting project launching THIS SATURDAY! It’s a multi-faceted project that I think will appeal to several different types of people. The best part is — it’s also raising money for a cause I really care about — the Fisher House Foundation.

Bear with me as there’s a lot to this, but I want to be transparent about it, and explain it in detail so that it’s super clear!


Starting this Saturday, June 17th, I’ll be using a special behind the scenes Instagram account basically taking you with me for a week. I’ll still be doing my usual photos and stories on my main Instagram account @megbiram, but I’ll be going way deeper than ever on the behind the scenes account. Once you donate, you’ll be sent a link to the private Instagram account and information about the private Q&A that your donation gets you access to.

Specifically I’ll be showing you how I prep for a multi-project photo shoot, take you behind the scenes during the actual photo shoot, will be taking you with me on a press trip to Phoenix, and you’ll see more of the ins and outs of my day-to-day work and play — my new house, maybe a little Hemingway in action, a few entrepreneur tips & tricks, a peek into my beauty closet, etc. You can even DM me questions or comment about things you want me to cover on the private Instagram account that week!

On the behind the scenes account I’ll be explaining a lot more about what I’m doing and why, and will show you a lot more than usual. So while my regular Instagram account is more of a glimpse into my life (although I still try to be as “real” as possible there) the behind the scenes will be a lot more content.

Behind the Scenes week will start Saturday June 17th and end on June 24th — although I may still continue to post throughout the weekend on the private account, because on Monday, June 26th at 9 pm EST I’ll be doing an hour-long LIVE private Q&A. This is where the fundraiser comes in — to get access to the private Q&A and the behind the scenes Instagram account, I just ask that you make a donation (can be as little as $2!) to the Fisher House Foundation.

So if Behind the Scenes week interests you, you want to attend the live Q&A, or just want to donate to the Fisher House Foundation, you can do that here, then we’ll send you the info for the private Instagram account! 100% of the donations will go to the Fisher House Foundation.


The Fisher House Foundation is special to me because I stayed in one while my husband was in the hospital for 6 weeks with a severe neck injury when he was in the military. I’ll go into more detail on the Instagram account if you choose to donate and follow!


Multiple reasons.

First, I love that this is an interesting way to do a little fundraiser for a cause close to me.

Secondly, it will be an interesting test to see how many people want more content, deeper content, that is more day-to-day, more explanation, more personal.

Lastly, it’s also a test for influencers in general. I’m partnering with a company who wants to create a way for influencers to monetize their content in a more reliable way.

If you read up on bloggers and influencers, only the top tier make really good, salary-level money (contrary to what the media sometimes says). But the mid-level and smaller bloggers and influencers have very sporadic income (I know this from 10 years of experience). It’s hard to predict when projects will come, how large the budgets or fees will be, if you’ll have enough each year, if your affiliates will do well or not. It varies month to month and year to year.

So this is a test to see if this type of content and interaction is a viable option for influencers/bloggers in general (not just me). Maybe it won’t be with my specific readers, maybe it will work for other audiences better? I don’t know and am I’m personally curious — would people be willing to pay a small fee per month for more content from their favorite bloggers and influencers and more access to them (similar to a monthly fee for an app, or similar to the app the Kardashians have with more content for their followers)?

While this specific behind the scenes and private Q&A with me is a little different because it’s a one-time donation as a fundraiser, versus a small monthly fee for more content and access to your favorite influencers/bloggers — we’re testing the concept.

Why would I tell you all of that (because I don’t have to)? First, transparency. Secondly, I know a lot of my readers are businesswomen, bloggers, entrepreneurs, or would be interested in the business behind this test. And, during the Q&A I’ll tell you all about what I learn from this project. Yep, another little incentive to come along with me.

So I hope you’ll join me for Behind the Scenes week and my live Q&A. You can donate and get all the details here! Thanks in advance if you partake, and if you want to help spread the word by posting a link to this post on your social that’d be pretty cool too.


Photo by Laura Metzler