Julie’s Lavender Initial Mural

Julie's Lavender Initial Mural by Meg Biram

One of my favorite murals to date was for a friend of mine, Julie. She wanted something modern and graphic for her sitting room off her bedroom to counter her feminine glam furniture and decor. She already knew she wanted the mural to be a shade of lavender as she already had the chair for the room.

Typically for my mural clients I have them send me a photo of the wall they want the mural on and a few inspiration images they are thinking of (if they had something in mind) and I look at the vibe of what they are wanting to create something new and original for them.

Then I sketch up three concepts for them and we go from there. Sometimes one of those is the one, other times it’s a jumping off point to get to the one with a few tweaks and adjustments.

I sent Julie these three concepts I sketched up:

CONCEPT ONE — Her family’s initials put together in an abstract way and then made into a pattern. Knowing her style is feminine Parisian glam I wanted to offer a range of options.

Mural Option 1

CONCEPT TWO — Something more graphic and modern. No meaning behind this one, but I liked the mixture of round and straight. Looking at her furniture now in the room, I don’t think this one would have worked.

Mural Option 2

CONCEPT THREE — Also her families initials (a combination of upper and lower case A, e, h, and J) but much more modern than the first concept. This is the concept she ended up choosing and it was my favorite by far! We both felt like the modern feel of it and the large scale was the perfect contrast to the feminine furniture and ornate mirror.

Mural Option 3

I scaled the concept down just in case we wanted to see what both looked like once I got there. It was a hard call but we ended up going with the larger scale one and I’m glad we did.

Mural Option 3 - Smaller Scale

This is the room before (below). The lights and mirror were already hung, but were taken down so I could paint the mural.

Mural Before

We tested a few different shades of lavender where the mirror would cover them. You can’t see them well in this photo because the paint is half wet but you can faintly see the design traced out on the wall.

Lavender Mural - In Progress

Since Julie and her family had just moved in, they didn’t have lighting in each room yet, so by the time the sun went down we had to bring in some extra light so I could finish the mural hence the shadeless lamp.

Lavender Mural - Finished

Julie sent me photos the next day after everything was put back into place and I knew we had made the right decision about everything. The large scale modern mural was the perfect contrast for her furniture and mirror and lets everything in the room have its moment.

Lavender Mural by Meg Biram

We both agreed we felt like it made the room feel very Kelly Wearstler who is basically my idol.

If you want a mural in your home or business, you can email me — meg (at) megbiram (dot) com.

Lavender Initial Mural by Meg Biram

You can see the behind the scenes videos on my Instagram Story Highlights.


Photos by Meg Biram and Julie Savage-Parekh