June Mood

June Mood Board

I wasn’t wrong when I said May was going to be a crazy month. I have SO MUCH to tell you, but I just need to the situation to be finished first before I unload it on you. It was definitely up there with the most stressful months of my life. But it was also really fun, so highs and lows people highs and lows.

This month I was feeling pastels. Sort of the refined, light, muted version of the pink, purple, and blue from growing up in the 80s. June is usually a happy and fun time. The weather is good, people are starting fun summer projects, vacations, camps. In DC I feel like anytime the weather is nice the city just comes alive with people. Every patio is full, every event is packed. People just want to be outside, enjoy the weather, and have a good time.


Let’s start with the fun stuff:

+ I went to LA & Palm Springs! In LA I stayed with my friend Aida who has the cutest house just south of West Hollywood — seriously I wanted to move into her neighborhood. All of the Jacaranda trees were blooming (the light purple ones) and it was absolutely gorgeous. I loved the mixture of Spanish-inspired architecture with modern architecture. It was like my mecca of neighborhoods. I got to see a bunch of friends in LA and some people who I know via email but wanted to meet in person! I hiked Runyon Canyon, had a drink at the new Filifera (that Kelly Wearstler designed), got to see my friends at ban.do and Clare V. Had a reunion with some old friends at the Soho house, almost ran into Vanessa Hudgens as she was getting paparazzied on Melrose Ave. Honestly I didn’t even recognize her at first, I figured it out because the photographers were yelling, “Vanessa! Vanessa!”

+ In Palm Springs I was speaking on a panel at a conference which I LOVE doing. For many reasons. But mostly because I love to share what I know from 10 years in the industry and help both influencers and the brands and companies that work with influencers.

+ My husband and I hiked in Joshua Tree one morning and it was lovely. I want to go back for more! Make sure you read my tips if you are planning on going! We did other fun stuff which I’ll include in a Palm Springs post soon.

And now for the less fun stuff:

+ We packed up our entire apartment, moved everything into a POD (with whom I collaborated for our move, you might have seen my Instagram stories about it). Then while we were out of town they stored it for us, and then we moved into our new place two weeks later. We were able to get everything put away and into its spot within four days. But now I want to paint every room!

+ I have only talked about it a little here and on Instagram stories because I wanted to wait until everything was completely FINALIZED before I talk about it, but the whole process has been a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. Like I have literally been more stressed out in the past 5 weeks than I have been in 5 years. I will tell you alllllll about it soon. BUT you can see hints of it all on my Instagram story. But yes, it has to do with moving into our new place!


+ I’m heading to Phoenix for the first time. I’ve never been to Arizona so I’m excited to check it out. I love the desert and have always wanted to go to the southwest. If you have any Phoenix recs please comment with them!

+ Next week I’ll be at another conference here in DC. Should be fun and a great way for me to make connections in an industry I’m trying to work a lot in. I’m excited but also I know it will be pretty exhausting!

+ I’ll be doing as many updates to our new place as I can! I have my own little room that is my home office/closet so I need to deck it out with paint, maybe even some wallpaper, definitely a light fixture, and I mentioned on Instagram that we need all three of our closets redone. I think they are actually original to the house from 1950…

+ Since I’m living in a new neighborhood I’ll be doing a lot of long walks with Hemingway to get to know the area.

+ June brings beautiful weather, and all I want to do in beautiful weather is be outside, and dine (and drink) al fresco!

+ Hoping this month isn’t as crazy as last, so I can get some quality reading time in. In May I think I only finished one or two books! I just finished Commonwealth — loved it!

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From the moodboard: Habit Nail PolishThe Heart of Rock watercolor painting by John Finger; pots photo by Heidi Lerkenfeldt; Fira Town print; art by Ashley Mary; stairs from Opening Ceremony in Tokyo; couch by Masquespacio, photo by Cualiti