Keeping It Simple

Leaving one wall in my bedroom completely blank.

Dresser Styling with White

Almost immediately after we moved into our new house I painted our bedroom black. It was already a dark blue, so getting it to white would have taken several coats of expensive paint (no thanks!). But it didn’t matter because I knew I wanted to paint it black anyway. Ever since I painted a wall black in our old apartment black 6 years ago, I knew I wanted more black, and this time in a different room.

To me a black bedroom is just sexy. It works well with our white and wood dressers, our white duvet, white nightstands, and gray platform bed. It makes everything pop right of of it.

mango wood slice

I like to keep the bedroom really simple. Easy on the eyes. I never want to walk in my bedroom and feel overwhelmed or cluttered.

Also, my husband’s style is very minimal. I mean, if he didn’t live with me he would have literally zero decor and no furniture that wasn’t 100% functional and comfortable. So I try to make an extra effort to keep the bedroom as minimal as possible.

Mango Wood Slice on Dresser

Currently, this wall has only my dresser and a basket full of clean sheets (we change our sheets/duvet/pillowcases very frequently because of Hemingway). I just love getting into clean sheets!

I added this mango wood slice on top of the dresser because it needed something, and I like how the white wood pops off the black wall.

For now, I don’t want to add anything else to the wall, even though it’s large. I’m really loving the simplicity of it. Plus, I hung my Rwandan baskets above our bed (photos coming soon!) and I feel like one busy wall is enough for one room.

Mango Wood Slice on Dresser

What’s your bedroom style?

Do you have a spot in your home that you want to keep super simple?


Photos by Emma Weiss