You Know You’re an Adult When…

Meg Biram // Mara Hoffman Check Skirt & MGemi Boots

Finish this sentence:

You know you’re an adult when…

Seriously, what’s your first reaction? Tell me in the comments!

Hemingway Pup on Bed

When we got Hemingway, we had NO IDEA that he was going to be a SHEDDING MONSTER. How could a sweet little white pup (now he’s 50lbs!) shed this much?!? We don’t understand. For a short hair dog, it’s INSANE. Like drive us up the walls insane.

Since we moved into our new house, we have all hardwood and our only rugs (currently) are hide rugs, so basically nothing catches his hair. It’s just everywhere. So we had been doing a deep clean every single weekend (because we are those people and the hair clearly drives us bonkers). It actually drives my husband more crazy than me! He grew up in literally the cleanest house in the world. Like you could eat off his mom’s floor.

So our heavy cord vacuum that while, had the best suction, just wasn’t working for us any longer. Lugging it up and down the stairs and it was so bulky — we needed to upgrade. But of course GOOD vacuums, the kind that can handle the amount of hair we deal with — are expensive. So we’d been holding out until peak annoyance.

Meg Biram with Dyson V8 Animal.

So let me finish my own sentence.

You know you’re an adult when … you get excited about a vacuum.

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post (although honestly I’ve totally been hoping to partner with Dyson but it just never happened). We caved and bought a Dyson V8 Animal. Actually my mom always gives us money for Christmas and we used that, so technically — thanks mom!

Meg Biram // Mara Hoffman Check Skirt & MGemi Boots

Why did we go with this vacuum? Well after lots of research and talking to people — this was the overwhelming winner. I can return it, I have the warranty, etc. so if it shits out on me in a few months, it’s no big deal. But so far, it’s a dream. It’s SO MUCH EASIER than lugging our cord vac around. It’s light, it’s cordless, it has lots of attachments, and best of all — IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

The hair and dirt we are pulling out of our couch…I’ll just stop there.

Because it’s so easy, we use it often. Which keeps the hair at bay. It swivels so well, it goes flat so we can get under our furniture. I can use the attachments on the walls, in the corners, on the stairs, on the couch, pillows, duvet! Yes, I’m excited about a vacuum.

Something to know, you will never (not now anyway) match a bag vacuum with a cord. They seriously just have the most amazing suction that a battery and non-bag vac just cannot match. The cordless vacuums do not last very long, especially if you have them on the highest setting you might get like 10 good minutes before you have to recharge. On the low setting you can go for 30 or so minutes. So I want to manage your expectations here.

Meg Biram // Mara Hoffman Check Skirt & MGemi Boots

When I shot this post it actually had nothing to do with the vacuum. It was all about the boots! Which are on sale right now and it’s the LAST DAY of M.Gemi’s sale which they only do twice a year. So take advantage of the sale TODAY! I just got some Felize moccasins and I’m obsessed.

And my check skirt is on really good sale too, so basically you can have this look a fraction of the full price! Just add a tight black turtleneck and you’ve got my look!

Meg Biram with Dyson V8 Animal.

While we were doing this outfit shoot, I was like — the rug has so much Hemi hair on it! I need to vacuum! Literally while my photographer was standing there, I started vacuuming, and she shot a few pics.

And that my friends is when you know you are an adult, and a little behind the scenes of a shoot that turned out to be something totally different than what was intended!

Meg Biram // Mara Hoffman Check Skirt & MGemi Boots

Photos by Emma Weiss