Link Love + 2 New Tees

sunday morning

A little link love for your Sunday morning. Mine looked like this (above).

I am loving this new-to-me food blog My New Roots.

It’s amazing how spacious (feeling) Jordan’s light-filled 500-square-foot apartment in San Francisco is. Featured on A Cup of Jo.

Need your daily dose of news, but don’t have time to read all the papers? I am loving theSkimm. Get an easy-to-understand dose of news every morning in your inbox.

I just want to go here.

Miranda Kerr’s Superfoods — I’m interested. Hilary tells us on Genuine Joy.

Outfit posts are a lot harder than people think! Casie got out of her comfort zone and looks amazing!

I’m in major need of new hair products so this spray is on my list to try.

Always trust your gut? Learn more about your gut, also known as your second brain, on Crazy Sexy Wellness.

My new afternoon pick me up. Get some here.

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Let’s get to the tees:

I have my April tee for MANIFESTO available for pre-order, I will tell you it’s a white crew-neck made of super soft cotton jersey, and is a women’s contemporary fit, meaning it should fit true to size, and is between a slim and a relaxed fit. I’ll have photos to share soon — but the word and printing color will remain a surprise (I’m really excited about this one!). You can see the size chart in the photos on the MANIFESTO site.

And, drumroll please… I’m also releasing a GSD (get shit done) tee! This is not going to be a monthly MANIFESTO tee, but will be offered through the site, as it IS a MANIFESTO to live by. The cool think about this tee is that is will just say GSD. So people will only know what it means if they know about GSD or they ask you. I’m starting a GSD revolution here people. The GSD tee is available for pre-order. The GSD tee will be gray eco-heather, in a unisex fit with short-sleeve and black ink. The unisex fit  means that women typically stay in their size or for a tighter fit buy a size smaller than usual, while men generally buy the same size or one size larger. You can see the size chart in the photos on the MANIFESTO site. Eco-heather means that it’s an eco-friendly fabric that is created by blending traditional fibers with organic cotton, recycled polyester (made from recycled bottles) and rayon (made from converted plant cellulose). So it’s extra cool.

Just FYI, March’s Wanderlust tee has sold out, there is only 1 Evolve tee left (it’s an XS), there are a few Lover sweatshirts left in each size (the quantity bars can be deceiving).