lipstick sweatshirt

This lipstick sweatshirt (above) is so funky cool. (Version in blue here.)

Was so happy that SIXTWENTY’s Women in Business Campaign (that I was honored to be a part of) was featured on Racked LA!

LOOOOOVED Erin’s post on teenagers. I feel so similar to her. I think this might warrant its own post from me…

A peek behind the scenes with Grace of Stripes & Sequins over on Glitter Guide.

Kind of obsessed with this jaws ring.

Protein, whole grains, water water water! Hilary breaks down what time of day we should eat different types of food.

Love Dallas’s video with DKNY.

Dying to go to Rioooooo.

I always felt like I should let my nails “breathe” a little between manicures. Now I know I’m right (and why)!

I can use all the beauty tips I can get.

The most popular items in my new shop: the gold snake hand wrap (getting more in stock soon, but you can preorder), the exclusive olive leather gator iPhone cover, and the black leather gator iPhone cover. Do you have a favorite item?

I’m extending the 50% off everything left at MANIFESTO (GSD & Moxie tees) until the end of September with code WOOHOO50! There are some GSD and Moxie tees left!