sean dietrich - bed painting

Love this bed painting by Sean Dietrich (above).

We launched 2 new books over at The B Bar this week! Learn how to make money on your blog, and legal concerns every blogger should know about (can’t stress how important this is!)

I’m obsessed with Jordan’s tiny new car.

14 Things Successful People Do on the Weekends — and it might surprise you. Step away from your phone.

Whoa, this is straight out of a horror film.

How much wine do you pour yourself…

Have you seen BatDad yet. Hysterical.

Loved Grace’s post about friends.

I haven’t seen 9 of these movies… apparently I need to catch up on my childhood.

I’m taking a break from the Hemingway series and reading a few books on my list. Just finished The Fault in Our Stars and currently reading Gone Girl. Both. Are. Amazing. Book review coming up soon.

A few fun things:

My shop was featured on Refinery29! (!!!)

A little interview over on The American Edit.

I’m selling the vintage kilim rug in my office, people are always asking me about it! $715 + shipping. Email me at It’s approx. 5’x8′.