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I feel like November and December always go by so fast and are so busy. Endless events, endless things to do. I always try to make sure I stop and enjoy some hot chocolate and a holiday movie throughout the month.

A few links I’m loving this week:

Have you SEEN Beyonce’s new 7/11 video!?! When my studio gals asked me I was like, um no. Because I just figured it was a normal music video. No this is not normal. It is awesome. I actually LOVED it. And it’s basically the new Happy video that everyone is going to recreate and go viral. Duh. Genius. See these guys and these little girls.

This is GOOD and very very bad. Now you will be able to buy Girl Scout Cookies online! I will of course be buying them from my darling niece who is a natural sales woman and has the pretty-please-big-eye-lash-batting down so that no one can resist.

To the four guys that read my blog, do not click on this link. Just trust me on that one. Ladies, um what in the world — how have I never heard of these ahem cups??? Are we just behind here in the US? Have you heard of them? Used them? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. I need to know.

This Whose #BrainChild Are You Quiz is interesting. Sometimes I take quizzes like these twice and switch up any of the answers that were close in my mind to see if there is a difference. The first time I was Michelangelo/President Lincoln and the second was  Vincent Van Gogh/Voltaire. What about you?

This fascinates me. People who will be pissed if there’s no clear answer at the end of the current Serial podcast. For me I understand that she might not have answers to give, but just that the story in itself was so good.

If you are still shopping for the holidays, make sure to check out the holiday gift guides Katie & I put together over at to & from!

My friend Erin is doing an awesome Loeffler Randall giveaway (you know they are one of my faves).

Pictured on my desk above: Green smoothie in my Ninja; handcuff necklace; Cleopatra braceletsilver metallic luggage tag

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