Coco Kelley Seattle Office

Coco Kelley Seattle Office

Okay, I love my Georgetown studio, but the giant windows and white brick at Cassie’s studio is just 10 million times more amazing. Need. Want. Love.

Mariana reminded me I need to get back on my morning smoothie kick.

Matt Bellassai is a f*ing genius. This recent video, Reasons Going Out is the Worst, is hilarious. Watch until the very end, trust me.

Forget to take your birth control pill? Here’s What to Do When You Forget to Take Your Birth Control Pill.

24 American Behaviors Considered Rude in Other Countries.

Good things to keep in mind — 11 consumer trends that will change the way you do business in the next 5 years.

Dang, I just got my iPhone6! Don’t tell me a way better one is coming out!

10 Great Tips for Beating Jet Lag!

This past week was a rough one. Last weekend one of my friends and also one of the ladies that is a part of my Georgetown studio, lost her husband suddenly (he was a healthy 36-year-old). Every day this week was filled with sadness and reflection. If you feel compelled to donate to her husband’s memorial fund to help her and her two young daughters through this awful time as they try to comprehend life without him, please do so here. She is an amazing woman, dedicated mother, and a hard-working entrepreneur — I can promise you even the smallest donation will be much appreciated. Squeeze your loved ones a little harder tonight, be grateful for your life, tell people you love them.


Images by Meghan Klein for coco+kelley