Congrats to my friend Anne on her new book, Sage Living! (Anne’s living room above.)

Usually these are just bait click stories, but I actually thought this girl was right on — I’m A Nutritionist. Here Are The Health Myths I’m Sick Of Hearing.

7 Super Fit Women (Ages 66-97) Who Will Inspire You To Get Off Your Butt Now — ummmm, I think I’ll go workout now…

Love Eden’s living room makeover (I met Eden in Zurich!).

Anyone who works or lives in Washington DC — next week is going to be a bit of a nightmare with the Pope visiting. Tons of road closures, additional tourists — the government has even encouraged employees who can work from home to stay home. Seriously.

Haya (a DC friend of mine) takes you on a tour of Barcelona!

Recipe for a homemade non-toxic sunscreen. Or just buy healthy sunscreen here .

My friends over at Bitches Who Brunch just relaunched their site, and it looks beautiful!

This Chicken Soup recipe looks delish and healthy.


Photos above by Kimberley Genevieve Photography