Organized Hall & Mudroom

A few people have asked me if the cover of my new book, The Life Edit, is my closet. The answer is — I wish! My closet doesn’t have any windows and definitely doesn’t get the amazing light that is in that closet on the cover of my book. My closet is actually black with white shelves (and is quite large for a DC condo!) and while I love my closet, the lighting is not good for photographing without bringing in some major lighting help, so it has yet to be photographed.

To be completely transparent with you, I purchased the rights from her to use the image for the book (I felt like it was the perfect visual representation of the concept of the book) from Norwegian blogger Nina of Stylizimo (she still owns the photo). This image above is Nina’s hallway. I love her home and style.

Now onto this week’s links!

LAUGH // Kevin Hart is hilarious with David Beckham.

EAT // We had rösti in Zurich and it was delicious, and Aida has the recipe for us!

WEAR // This black lace sleeve top is gorgeous.

READ // I just ordered this book because the cover is so cool, and because I want to read it.

ORGANIZE // Your closet with my new book, duh.

FUN // Dogs just want to have fun too!

BEAUTY // Is it just me or does Grace look amazing in these pics!?

CRY // I had a lump in my throat watching Wilbur Flores be so emotional upon learning he was probably traded DURING a game.

DRINK // I’m trying out four teas from this cool company Your Tea — I’m talking about them on snapchat: megbiram

LEARN // The ultimate chocolate guide. I need to know this.


Photo by Nina of Stylizimo