white sheets

As much as I love working and having a lot to do, I gotta say I’m pretty excited to take a few days during the holidays and really just do nothing. The past few months have taken it out of me. I need to watch a ton of Netflix, drink hot cocoa, fix some fab meals, cuddle up with some books (and my hubs).

KARAOKE // OMG James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke is HILARIOUS. Justin Bieber. Carrie Underwood. So funny.

SORRY // While we’re on the subject, this is my fave acoustic version of Sorry so far. It starts at around the 2 minute mark.

SILENT NIGHT // Ok, ok ok ok, one more music thing. Sister is a little cray, but damn can she sing. Miley sings Silent Night.

MAKE IT WORK // This interview with Tim Gunn is so interesting! I can’t believe he didn’t get paid for the first two seasons of Project Runway (one of my favorite shows). Now I’ll have to listen to the podcast!

DUST // Now that I found out I’m severely allergic to dust (via allergy testing) I’m much more interested in it.

SHOWER THOUGHTS // By Anna Kendrick

DOPPLEGANGER // Ooohhhh I kinda want to see who mine is!

TRAMP // Not the kind you’re thinking. Sheesh. This kind of tramp — is it weird that I want one…?

DC FOOD // Aida’s Off Menu video featuring three DC food spots (2 of which I didn’t know about) for Tastemade.

$500 // ASOS is having a little giveaway, enter here!