Been reading a lot lately. Probably because I don’t want to go outside because it has finally gotten cold outside! I become a bit of a hermit in the cold.


Good to know — 8 Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Garbage Disposal.

This lip sync battle is not only hilarious, but I see why Channing is married to Jenna.

My friend Nicolette just came out with a clothing line! Huge congrats to her!

You guys — the no pants subway ride (or metro as we call it here in DC) — is a real thing!

I’m dying. All you need to know is Kevin Hart, Conan, and Ice Cube.

Grannies try Fireball. OMG yesssssss.

Wow, loved this letter from a mom who died.

Gorgeous dance to Adele’s “All I Ask.”

If you’ve already watched every episode of Making A Murderer (like I have) Penny speaks out.

Kids dancing is one of the best things about life.

Interesting article about what Tom Brady and Gisele eat. I would die of hunger with all those restrictions.

50 Items on the DC bucket list. How many have you done?

You can learn something working at McDonald’s.

Lump in throat — these kids are sweethearts.

Wow, I’m impressed with this mom and her DIY laundry room, and I love how in the video it says “supportive husband.”


Photo by Laura Metzler