heart macarons

Ashley has outdone herself with these amazing gradient macarons!

So glad it is le weekend.

I just want to be friends with them — Dax & Kristen do Africa.

100 Notable Books of 2015 according to the New York Times.

You might have heard about the book When Breath Becomes Air, written by Paul Kalanithi, the neurosurgeon who got lung cancer and wrote a book about it while he was dying. (Read about it in the New York Times here and here, the New Yorker, and on Stanford Medicine). I recently put it together that he is the brother-in-law of blogger Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo. Her twin sister’s husband. (She is actually nominated for a Shorty Award in the blogger category with me right now.) Joanna is an amazing blogger and writer. She wrote about the book here and I thought this post How to Write a Condolence Note was really helpful. Also, watch Lucy (Paul’s wife, Joanna’s twin sister) in an interview with Katie Couric here.Lucy also wrote this piece for the Times. Why am I pointing all of this out? I felt like Joanna did a great job of respecting her sister’s privacy while also honoring her brother-in-law’s life. I can’t wait to read the book. Also, I just like to make connections with people and I thought this was an interesting one. I think sometimes when you know things that have happened in people’s lives you can approach their work, in her case writing/blog, with an additional empathy and understanding of where they are coming from when they write. Have you read the book yet?

Loved this story about a British woman opening her home to a Syrian refugee.

Ummmmm so I’ve never done this … 8 Shocking Things No One Told Me About Getting A Brazilian Wax.

Love this new Barbie commercial.

Using so much of this body creme this winter. LOVE the smell.

I’m not a mom but I always think this type of advice is helpful — Emily shares Things I’d Do Differently As A New Parent.

Map of 70 breweries in the DC area!

PBS knows what’s up!

My amazing black wool coat is on sale! When you check out on ZADY, enjoy 35% off full price items using the sale code MEGBIRAM. This code is valid with a minimum $50 purchase until 2/12/16.

Have a great weekend!