BDB Ceramics // Brooklyn NY

BDB Ceramics // Brooklyn NY

I’m back from Hong Kong and after a long nap yesterday and a good night’s sleep last night, I’m hoping I’m back on DC time! Can’t wait to share the experience with you!


Loving these ceramics from BDB in Brooklyn (above).

Having just done two 15-hour flights to Hong Kong and back, this article about turbulence seems timely. Also, makes me feel better!

I know I’m not a mom, but I do think there’s a huge difference in how my parents raised me and how I see people raising their kids now. And I think my parents did a superb job of locking us out, making us use our imagination and play outside all day. I might have never made up that dance to NKOTB and MC Hammer on the driveway otherwise.

A few words you are probably pronouncing wrong. Doh!

Quiz — See if your age and income can be guessed based on the apps on your phone.

So basically I need to take every vitamin ever.

What sand looks like when magnified up to 300 times, wowowowow.

My husband and I just started eating Power Supply. If you live in DC, LA, or SF you can try it. It’s healthy food prepared by local chefs and is delivered to certain locations or your home. There are Paleo and vegetarian options as well. We love it so far. I love not having to cook every night but still having fresh healthy meals that we can quickly heat up after we get back from the gym. Also you can put your account on hold and switch out meals with no problems or fees or anything. Give it a try if cooking healthy is hard for you. My husband gets the lunches and gets the XL size dinners, I just do the standard size dinners. Get a free meal with your first order if you use the code MEGB when you sign up.

Thinking I should add more oolong tea to my tea drinking.

Such a great idea — a restaurant in India put a fridge out so people can leave leftovers for people in need.

Beauty products you are probably using wrong. Yep. I totally am!


Photos via BDB