Love this Spring 2016 dress from Tibi. It’s actually on sale now (and also comes in black) but these photos taken by Collage Vintage beautifully capture the dress.

HOUSE OF $$$ // Because Robin Wright is the shit.

SMART ADVERTISING // JetBlue, you are very smart. But I’m still the person crossing my fingers and secretly hoping I’m not next to or near a baby/toddler on my flight.

MINIMALISM // This is literally me.

WARDROBE STAPLE // Think I need these in tan and black.

ALL THE DRINKS // How to drink and not get fat! Um, yes please tell me.

CHEESE PAPER // You guys, cheese paper. I think I need to have a permanent meat & cheese platter in my fridge.

SHIFTY // This linen shift dress is SO CUTE.

CRANKY // “And there is always the possibility that romance comes your way.  Just liking someone is a treat because part of being old is to get cranky.” Flossie is my shit.

BOTOX // Love Amanda Peet. I mean, that doesn’t mean I’ll never get Botox, I’m just saying, she’s cool, and I feel the same way.

SUPERFOOD // Definitely have to try these superfood sundaes.

ROMPER // This romper is super cute!

BAD SUNSCREENS // Most Sunscreens Are Bad, But These 7 Brands Are the Worst.


Photos by Collage Vintage