Link Love with a Side of Frose

Frose // Frozen Rose Recipe

FROSE // Frozen Rosé. Need I say more?

PROBIOTICS // I’ve always wondered if probiotic pills actually worked. I think I’d just rather eat cheese.

INTERIOR DESIGN TIPS // Emily Henderson’s Top 3 Design Tips are really good. I tend to just stick to all neutrals (black, white, grays and tans) and then if I want to add any color with art or accessories — I easily can!

BRAVE STORY // So proud of Julia for telling her painful story. I’m sure it will help a lot of other people going through the same situation.

SALE ON SALE // To rival Nordstrom’s big sale, J.Crew is having a Sale on Sale — an extra 50% off final sale items…ummmm yessss. My picks: this peach sweater, this straw hat, and a few items for the little gals: these shorts, this striped bikini, these leggings (wish they came in adult sizes!), this striped dress, and this French feeling bathing suit.

MIND-CLEARING MAGIC of RUNNING // Even though I think running can be really hard on your joints and therefore not the best exercise to do, I do think in moderation it’s great and do think there is a sort of magic to it. I have actually felt the running magic when I was training for the Nike Half Marathon.

BEER GARDENS // Map of beer gardens in the DC area.

AMY & ANNA SWITCH JOBS // So funny. I wish this video was longer.

ICE CREAM // If you live or are visiting LA here’s all the best ice cream spots to hit in LA.

SHOPPING // I’m still shopping the Nordstrom sale, I just keep finding things I want/need and why not get them while they are on sale?! This sports bra, this cheek palette, if you are running low on any of these fragrances, I’m obsessed with the lines in this leather jacket, and this workout tank. See all of my picks in this postmy faves here, and the pink jacket you need.


Photo by Alex Lau via Bon Appetit