MARC OHREM-LECLEF, Vitor, Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro, 2012Marc Ohrem-Leclef, Vitor, Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro, 2012

RIO // The other side of the Olympics. The image above is one from Marc Ohrem-Leclef’s project Olympic Favela. An ongoing photography and video project that visualizes the effects of forced removal of residents in 14 of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, implemented by the city government in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games. The image is available on Artspace.

S’MORES // Okay, I am OBSESSED with s’more’s. Like I love them. I also love the Olympics, so naturally I love Eden’s Marbled S’more recipe.

SUPERFOODS // Superfood is such a trendy word right now. I’m always skeptical, yet I always find myself reading about them, and I thought this superfood list was interesting as it told you the benefits.

VOTE // Nope, not for Hillary or Trump — for me! I’ve been nominated for a Bloglovin’ award in the design category. It only takes a second to vote! Scroll down almost all the way and you’ll find me as the first person in the design category. Vote here. TYSM!

ORGANIZED BY COLOR // Amy Schumer organizes her book collection by color. She also prefers paperback to hardcover books. More in this NYT article.

MODERN PARENTING // This mom is a genius.

THE SINGLES GAME // Just started reading this book and I can’t put it down!

MEOW // For all the cat people out there, this collection is for you.