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Last week was a short one for me. We got back from Iceland early in the week, and since then I’ve been catching up on work, had a big photo shoot at a location (which always means everything will take longer), car trouble that unexpectedly took an entire day to deal with, and piles of laundry to do. Soooooo I’m really excited for this week — an entire week of pure office time! Does that ever excite anyone else? I’m a nerd who loves my work, so I’m excited. Can’t wait to share all of my Iceland photos and video with you!

KANSAS CITY // Vogue knows what’s up. Shout out to my hometown, Kansas City. (See my KC coverage: what to do and where to eat; where to drink; and my photo diary from my last trip).

EATING IN SEASON // If you want to eat in season, here’s a list of the produce that is in season in September.

FREE LEGGINGS // A new company, Girlfriend Collective, is giving out their leggings for free (just the cost of shipping). Each pair is made using 25 recycled water bottles (photos above). They said “We are doing this free campaign because we believe the best way to fall in love with a product is to try it yourself.” They started this company because they said they “saw the need for affordable, luxury activewear that doesn’t destroy the environment, and that gives everyone from the factory to the office living wages and a decent life.” Even though they don’t know what the leggings will cost once they are out on the market, they said it will be below the $100 leggings you see out on the market today.

HANGOVERS // Why hangovers get worse with age. If you are young and don’t believe this, I’m telling you IT’S TRUE! Love your hangover-free life now because it will NOT last.

FOOD // Are you ever confused about what foods you should or shouldn’t refridgerate? Now you know.

YEAH LADIES // Obama’s Female Staffers Came Up With a Genius Strategy to Make Sure Their Voices Were Heard.

PRECHECK // Woohoo! Lufthansa Just Became the First European Airline to Use TSA PreCheck

BUTTERNUT SQUASH FRITTERS // I definitely want to make these!

FLOTUS // Ellen and Michelle Obama Go To CVS.

READER SURVEY // I’m still going through all of the answers from my reader survey — seriously, you guys ROCK (P.S. the giveaway winner was chosen at random using, was contacted and confirmed — Kristy C. from Charleston)! Thank you so much for all of your amazing answers!!! With hundreds of responses it’s going to take me a while to analyze. I’ll be sharing some of my findings with you as soon as I get through all of them!


Photos from Girlfriend Collective, graphics added by Meg Biram