neutral tablescape

Friday evening my husband and I attended a 10th Anniversary party. My friend who threw the party is an event planner and we have very similar taste so I knew it would be gorgeous. If you saw my snaps or Instastory then you got a little glimpse into this outdoor dinner. It was such a lovely evening and inspired me to start thinking about a similar event, not for my 12th wedding anniversary which will be next May (the event was for her 10th wedding anniversary), but for launching my new website in a few months…

JACKIE // I mean, EVERYONE is going to go see this movie, right?

TAKE NOTES BY HAND // Back in my day, we took notes by hand. Hardly anyone had laptops when I was in college. I had one my junior year, but I never brought it with me to class — they were really heavy back then!

SALAD // Have you ever wondered why your salad is making you bloated? I have, now I know.

ICE CREAM SANDWICHES // The easiest ice cream sandwiches ever — genius!

SPAIN // This explains so much about Spain.

PARENTS // Parents are funny, here’s some of their tweets. Also, free birth control.

PASTA // Ever wondered if you were putting enough or too much salt in your pasta water? Read this — How To Properly Salt Your Pasta Water.

GIVE CREDIT // Make sure to give credit where credit is due! Model Hailey Baldwin is being sued for plagiarism over an Instagram quote.

POPCORN // I don’t know why but I love popcorn. I had no idea it was this easy to make.

Happy Sunday!