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Meg Biram at the White House

Well this should be a week for the books! Either the first woman ever will be voted President of the United States, or a businessman with no political/government experience will be voted President of the United States. DC has a lot of energy right now. I’m interested to see how Tuesday goes. I’m kicking myself for not voting early. I can only imagine how long the lines will be…

Above is a photo from when I went to the White House last summer when they invited media in to kick off the first day the public was allowed to take photos inside the White House.

This week’s Link Love:

An in-depth article about DryBar. I didn’t really think about the business in relation to how our grandmas used to go get their hair done once a week. My hair isn’t thick enough for a blowout and considering I never wear it down it would be a waste of time and money for me. But I have a few friends with long thick hair who get them once a week or every other week and it’s worth every penny to them.

Brides! J.Crew is discontinuing their bridal line!

Great tips for parents.

The new Myers-Briggs — take the test and tell me what you are in the comments! I’m still an ENTP-A (I took my first Myers-Briggs when I started at Hallmark about ten years ago and was an ENTP then as well), but my P is very close to 50% which I’ve read that that means it can flip to a J, so I am close to an ENTJ, and I’m only one off from ESTP and I definitely think I have some S in me. Anyway, the descriptions were very spot-on for me. They said that ENTP’s are only 3% of the population (or maybe the US…3% of the test takers I guess!).

I need a skirt like this. I’m also loving these wedge booties.

How music affects your brain.

The problem for women is not winning. It’s deciding to run. I can totally see this. I would NEVER consider running for office.

How can you tell if a wine has gone bad. I need this info.

I just used this to shave the pilling off my couch, and IT WAS AMAZING.

So I actually had this book on my to-read list, but am now curious to see if I’d have the same reaction.