Link Love


The last Link Love of 2016!

Thanks to BYT for including me in their Best of DC Style 2016.

These workout leggings are siiiiick! Pretty sure I need them. And this jacket too.

Trick yourself into eating healthier!

If only my building had studio space like the Ritz!

This is good to know! What to do after you eat a lot of sugar.

Lump in throat + laughter. This video is so sweet: Couple Surprised with First Class Upgrade and $30,000 Suite after Delayed Honeymoon.

I have some amazing black rain and I’ve worn the crap out of them over the past few years. They are definitely in my top 5 pairs of most-worn shoes as I hate to ruin my nice shoes because of rain. But I saw a friend wearing these rain boots and I’m tempted to add another pair to my well-worn black ones.

How to master a new subject.

I know it’s winter but I’m in love with this tank. And I want to go somewhere warm…

I’m obsessed with this florist.


Photo via Unsplash by Ian Schneider