Link Love

Dark Floral Photography Kelsey Campion

How gorgeous are these dark floral photos by Kelsey Campion featured on Bri’s site?

I’m obsessed with this site Clean Food Dirty City.

What a guy. We need more teachers like this guy, and to recognize them!

How to use Snapchat now that they got a makeover.

Loving these simple black heels. They would go with everything!

Well shit.

God I love animals. Watch these animals play in the snow at the Oregon Zoo.

I mentioned that I was wanting to look into all sorts of things that affect my body, so this article about supplements I found interesting. I’m a vitamin skeptic so I’m very critical when I look at vitamins.

I don’t think I’d want a blush-colored suitcase but it sure is pretty.

JetBlue is the shit! Now they have free wifi on all of their planes!

How to Ripen an Avocado.

Flight Attendants Reveal All The Places You Don’t Want to Touch on a Plane.

And on that note, the dirtiest surfaces in hotel rooms. I was a little shocked by the bathroom…I thought those were thoroughly cleaned. Now I’m going to be an extra germaphobe next time I travel! :/

I’ve been thinking about this bone broth trend, and I think I should try it.

After wearing the slides I have so much, I know I need more in different colors! Loving these.

Oh man, I don’t know if I could stop using my moisturizer! Maybe I will try during the summer.

I don’t live too far from Ivanka Trump’s new place.

I can vouch for this in DC. Gulp.

Big whoops by the Washington Post Express.

Did you read anything interesting on the web this week? Please share with me in the comments!