Link Love

wayne pate painting life's most fleeting

I think this last week was a lot for a lot of people. Emotional in all kinds of ways. I feel like tomorrow everyone will be so motivated to get back into the grind of what they are passionate about. I know I am!

Link Love for the week:

I’m dying over this collab — Wayne Pate x Tory Burch (Wayne Pate painting above).

I’m always looking for more natural ways to treat things like headaches. Here are some good things to try and more for migraines.

I had bubble waffles in Hong Kong, and now I really want to make them at home!

This is one of the prettiest bomber jackets I’ve ever seen!

Really good reasons to brush your teeth twice a day!

This bag is from a few seasons ago but I still love it!

Wow, this post about Emily’s exterior renovation is so interesting. Exactly the reason I’m freaked by buy another house — they can potentially get so expensive!

I watched this movie about Peggy Guggenheim last night. Fascinating!

I have always been a shallow breather. I’m convinced that my lungs are tiny. I think this is why I’m not a great runner. No endurance athlete medals in my future. It literally takes all my focus to breathe deeply, so maybe I should try Ashley’s breathing technique. Ten minutes seems like are really long time though…

I’m not usually one for glitter, but these glitter resin pins on Oh Joy! were are cute.

Loved this photo shoot Erin did.

This cocoon coat looks so cozy!