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pineapple lime beer margarita

What are you all doing for the Super Bowl tonight? We actually aren’t doing anything and I don’t even know if we will watch it. We used to throw a party every year in our old (larger) apartment, but our new place it much too tiny for that. Also I’m doing this crazy restrictive diet — I’ll tell you about it later — so all the joy in eating cheese dip and pizza is gone for me (for now). Which, let’s be real, is my favorite part of the Super Bowl — the food & beer! If I was drinking tonight, I’d make these Pineapple Lime Beer Margaritas (above).

Wow, this is fascinating. See Facebook posts on issues side by side — conservative vs. liberal.

I like the idea of writing down something that made you really happy almost every day for a year, then looking back on it.

In the winter I’m all about cozy. I could live in this robe sweater.

My old DC friend Alina now works for Emily and did a great story on doing your makeup for a fancy event.

My intern is reading this book and says she’s loving it.

Would you play this game with your friends?

I feel like this is going to be the popular style for flats this spring.

How to freeze soup, beans, and broth.

This table is gorgeous.

The world might be ending … Twitter has an Instagram account.

I need your help — doesn’t anyone have a solution for shedding pets? Hemingway sheds so much and it’s driving me & my husband nuts. We have the Furminator and brush him constantly, we shampoo him with shedding shampoo, give him non-shedding pills, we vacuum all the time — multiple times a week. We are considering getting the Dyson V6 Absolute just because it will make the constant vacuuming easier. Any advice? We live in a small space with mostly hardwoods so I think it’s just a lot more noticeable than it was in our old house when we had two dogs, but a large house and lots of carpet.


Photo via Half Baked Harvest