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chicago greystone - sculpture by nikki rudolph - rue mag

I am obsessed with this sculpture made out of salvaged books by Nikki Rudolph, in the Chicago greystone of Suzanne D’Addario featured in Rue.

These black mules are speaking to me.

Whoa, this is fascinating — a map of every tree in the United States. (via SwissMiss)

I can’t get enough of the podcast My Favorite Murder. I recommend starting from the first episode and listening in order.

Rosé wine club, only in the summer — yessssss.

Comfy and edgy — my kinda sweatshirt.

Our book club is reading A Long Way Home for next month. We just finished Swing Time. I’ll be posting the review next week so read it if you want to join in on the discussion — and there was a great discussion at book club about this book! I’m curious to hear all of your thoughts about it.

How to take care of your sweaters, and yes, you can put cashmere in the washing machine.

The COS store just opened in Georgetown and I wanted so many things but ended up taking this silk blazer home. Honestly, the website photos do NOT do the products justice.

I have pink, and silver, and gray tennis shoes, but I need white and black!

How to drink wine on a plane.

Need this bag to match my boots!


Photo by Dustin Halleck via Rue