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Trendsetters feature in Washington Life magazine.

Fun news to share! I was featured as one of seven Trendsetters in Washington Life’s April 2017 issue! Most of us knew each other already so it was a fun shoot! I wore my Black Halo two piece, Alexander Wang heels, BaubleBar necklace and ring, and the other rings are sold out, or I bought them in Morocco. Let me tell you why this two-piece dress is amazing — it’s crepe — which is amazing for travel as it doesn’t really wrinkle at all. Also, it has pockets. And because it’s two separate pieces, you can wear them each with other things.

Lately my life has been consumed with house hunting in the DC area. Which sounds fun, but is really more stressful than anything. This city is super expensive and the market right now is super competitive. So it’s wearing on me a little, although I’m trying to stay positive. So if you know of a good place in the DC area before it goes to market, tell me! Luckily our house hunting has been only on beautiful days, so we’ve been driving around the DC area — getting to know some spots we’ve never been before — with the windows down and Hemingway’s head out the back window.

Speaking of weather, Vogue just covered a place I used to live — Sarasota, Florida! Apparently it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Which made me wonder — what other cities are growing in the US, and apparently they are all in Florida or Utah. I know Florida doesn’t have state tax (which is amazing) but what’s up with Utah? Back to Sarasota, I miss the weather, the beaches, and we lived in a neighborhood connected to downtown — it was so cute! I would go to the beach 3 days a week (I worked 4 long days). Ugh, it was amazing.

The new podcast I’m obsessed with (okay actually I already finished it) — S Town.

15 signs you might need to eat more protein every day.

These flats are perfect for everyday. I’ve tried them on and they are super comfy!

I know this is old news by now, but I don’t watch much TV and just saw it — this is insane! Seriously disturbing. This is an interesting take on it. I think maybe you should get off a plane when the police ask you to…?

Is this line of hair products not the most beautiful packaging ever?

Your life in history.

Researchers say it’s more efficient if no one walks on escalators — doubt this will ever happen in DC! Stand on the right!

This girl is my hero.

These jogger pants look so comfy!

This engagement is so cute!


Photo courtesy of Washington Life