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Coming to you from Palm Springs!

Joshua Tree at night

Currently I’m in Palm Springs! I’m speaking at a conference this week, and I flew out early to LA last week for some meetings and to see some friends, then my husband flew out and we drove to Palm Springs from LA. We are here for a few more days taking our water intake and sunscreen application seriously! I haven’t been in this type of heat or seen the sun in months!

I’m excited because today we are going out to hike in Joshua Tree! It also just happens to be our 12th wedding anniversary today, and my brother and his wife are due with their first child any moment! It’s a special time for sure, and I love that the past few years we’ve been on a trip during our anniversary.

My husband and I aren’t your typical couple. We don’t celebrate a lot of traditional things together (like Valentine’s Day for example), but our anniversary is one thing that we always make a point to do something. Whether it’s just a casual dinner out and driving out of our way 30 minutes to the nearest custard place or Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard — that’s what we like to do. But if I can make a trip happen during our anniversary, that’s my favorite thing to do, and the past few years we’ve been able to do that. This year we are in Palm Springs, last year we were in Spain, and the year before that we were in Miami!


“The secret to reading a book every week is to not be precious about it.” I totally agree with what Kevin Nguyen has to say about reading. I keep my book list in GoodReads, and I’m always reading multiple books at a time, and listening to one on Audible too. Currently I’m reading Commonwealth and Jackson Pollock, about to start listening to Snowball.

I never knew what makeup brush to use for foundation (or concealer in my case), this article finally cleared it up for me!

When my mom and I were in Miami last month, this robe was in our room at the Fontainebleau. It was SO SOFT, we basically lived in them for three days. My mom loved it so much I took a pic of the tag and bought it for her for her birthday a few weeks later. She about died of excitement. It is SO COZY!

WOW what a story! How one man survived in the wilderness alone for 27 years.

Why this woman and her husband sleep in separate bedrooms. Honestly, I’m such a light sleeper, if my husband was noisy I would HAVE to sleep in a different bedroom or I would never sleep!

I feel like these are the perfect summer wedges.

Funny article about book clubs. Now I wonder who in my group is a controller (they are compelled to control operational decisions — the dates of meetings, the venues), an acquiescer (not really explained, but the definition of acquiesce is to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively), and an underperformer (those members who never finish their books but show up anyway). I think I’m a combination of controller & acquiescer. I was one of the founders of the book club but I don’t care where it is and we are very diplomatic about the books we pick — everyone pitches in ideas if they want and then we sort of vote. If you are hosting you can pick if you want, but some people don’t want to pick.

Love this story about Steven Tyler, and P.S. I love Aerosmith.

You can’t buy more time.

Museum Donors Are Pissed Celebs Were Smoking in the Met Gala Bathrooms.


Photo by Brent Cox via Unsplash