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gothenburg home

Love this Gothenburg home (above) featured here. I really need to get a full length mirror and a new rug!

DC — #1 on the list of “Cities Where You Can Earn $100,000 and Still Feel Broke” — yep. I can attest to this.

I already mentioned Xennials in an article last week but this one was literally describing me (I was born in 1983)! “I’ve never identified with either Gen X-ers or Millennials. I didn’t grow up with technology, but I’m comfortable with it. I ran loose as a child, without any real fear of predators, sex parties, prescription drugs, or being bullied into taking my own life before I hit puberty. My parents used me as free labor and didn’t feel bad about it. We were spanked and don’t (all) need therapists. We only got trophies if we won, and my parents, at least, never gave me the impression that the world revolved around me.” 

Why mosquito bites itch and the best thing to do for them.

Loving these retro t-shirts.

Victoria’s new bathroom is gorgeous. So many amazing things about it.

Cute cropped workout tank. If you’ve got the abs, show them off!

Really interesting article about Millennials and business travel. I think the little differences are worth it — especially if you travel a lot. I think the work environment is changing a lot, and I hope it keeps going this direction — work when you want, just get it all done. Even if that’s at 2 am. For me, I work pretty much at any hour of the day. I start working within minutes of getting up. My guess is that these millennials are working a lot more than 40 hours a week — so if they want to be more comfortable and actually (gasp!) enjoy it — chances are it makes them a happier, better employee, and then maybe they’ll stay with that company for longer than a year. Worth the extra $50 on a hotel or plane ticket.

I’ve always wondered about food expiration dates. Goop clears it up for us.

I love florals but I feel like it’s hard to find a pattern I love like this one from Tibi.

It’s not that I get this question much anymore. Sometimes when people ask after they find out I’ve been married for 13 years, but sometimes I just offer up the information so they don’t have to ask — if I have kids or not or want them.


Photo by Anders Bergstedt featured on My Scandinavian Home