LINK LOVE // Sequin Bikini + Chocolate Mousse

loren hope stud earrings

Don’t you love late surprise birthday gifts? I mean, when you think your birthday is long gone, something shows up in the mail from a friend that doesn’t need to send you a gift. I love those types of gifts. These Loren Hope Sunburst Studs are one of those gifts. Thanks for making my day friend (you know who you are)!

FOR A LAUGH // Last night I was nursing a sunburn (stayed out at the pool on its opening day a little too long) and a tummy ache (either due to too much sun or the inordinate amount of garlic I put in our dinner). I somehow landed on this tumblr #whatshouldwecallme and about died of laughter. Particularly this video with a cat. I don’t even really like cats (except Lara’s cat) but this video just cracked me up. I mean, cats don’t usually miss when they are jumping, so this cat must have just been so tired. And the attempt was just hysterical. Did you think it was as funny as I did? I mean I was crying. My husband even came in the room and was like, what are you laughing at? I also liked this one — Jealous much? I could look at this tumblr for days…

PHOTOGRAPHY // I couldn’t stop myself from looking through each kid and reading about their toys — a photography series by Gabriele Galimberti.

DOG BED // The coolest dog bed.

GENIUS // I hope this rubber duckie comes to the States! One of those ideas that you just sit back and think — genius!

MOTHER’S DAY // Alert! It’s next weekend! If you still need gift ideas you can peruse the pages of the most recent issue of to & from.

HEALTHY DESSERT // Healthy Chocolate Moose? Yes. Thank you Hilary, I’m definitely going to try this.

GEOMETRIC // Stunning tile pattern for a shower.

NYC WORKSHOP // Needing some girl-time or just an extra boost of confidence and style tips? Nab up a ticket to the Pepperologie workshop next weekend in NYC (they are only $50!).

SEQUIN BIKINI // Now this is my type of sequin bikini.

ON AGING // My friend Heidi is a legit writer. A very talented legit writer. I loved the piece she wrote on turning 31.

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GUEST PINNING // Baubles and colors and pins, oh my! I’m guest pinning with BaubleBar for a month!

WHAT’S YOUR MODERN STYLE? // See my post for Lamps Plus.

Have a lovely Sunday!