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federico picci filling spaces installation

This week flew by, as weeks tend do nowadays. There was a bit of madness with my new site relaunching this past Monday (!!!). It was actually supposed to launch two weeks earlier but the Amazon server outage put a kink in my plans, then I was in Miami on a trip, so I ended up having to push it off to this week. Doesn’t matter because I couldn’t be happier with the site! I hope you all are liking it!

I also painted a mural in a client’s new office. You might have seen it on my Instagram story, but I will reveal on Instagram and might even do a post about it here soon! I also got to catch up with an old friend of mine from my Hallmark days who was in DC for work. She’s now a very talented photographer in Miami (if you’re needing a photographer in Miami or Toronto, give Mary Beth a call!).

On the food front, I went to both extremes. I got to eat some delicious Shake Shack at the new location on 14th & Rhode Island (chocolate malts and fries are not on my current food plan that I’ll tell you about soon but you DO NOT say no to free Shake Shack). On the healthy front, I got to taste the new healthy menu rolling out soon at Seasons in the Four Seasons with Tess Masters. She is quite a personality, and her mango smoothie is to die. Can’t wait to try out some recipes in her book The Perfect Blend.

Thursday morning I was a part of an exciting photo shoot for Washington Life magazine. I’ll be sure to share when the issue comes out in April. Usually I’m SUPER timid to get my hair and makeup done, but Kelli and Gio of GlamSquad were amazing and helped get photo-ready. The group of people in the shoot and involved with it were all just stellar people. Maybe I should stop being so shocked there are so many cool talented people in DC!?! Cause they are everywhere and I keep meeting them and it makes me happy.

I also went to an event with Caudalie (love their Grape Water) at Sherber + Rad where Dr. Noelle Sherber answered a million of my skin questions. We also met Caudalie’s lead esthetician, Regine Berthelot, who told us about their new anti-pollution line Vine[Activ]. The info about what pollution does to your skin was terrifying. I took notes and will share in a later post! Noelle and Ariel of Sherber + Rad (husband & wife) are so nice. I’ve met them out at several events and love the retail boutique they’ve created as a part of their business (they have all the Tom Ford makeup you could ever want to try!).

Also, it was St. Patrick’s Day and I completely forgot! Growing up St. Patrick’s Day was my very favorite holiday. I come from a very Irish family. My grandfather (who died last year RIP) was buried in a green suit, in a gorgeous dark green casket (very tasteful), and everyone wore green to the funeral. People in the community just knew to wear green. Our family always had a float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade and my parents would take us out of school to be in it! So I’m sad not to have green beer with my family this year, but the happy memories are alive in my mind!




Italy-based graphic artist and pianist Federico Picci created a series, Filling Spaces, that is the installation of my dreams. In an interview with Artistic Odyssey he says, “I always try to imagine how the music that I play might have a shape, a color, a mass or even a smell.” Photo above.

Don’t love your job but not sure what you want to do? Take this little quiz.

The case for walking more and walkable cities. I must say that I love that I live in a walkable city.

OMG Kate’s new Studio 125 is GORGEOUS!

DC design firm, Design Army, just released an AMAZING video for CityCenter. I also love what Design Army co-founder, Pum Lefebure, said in this HOW interview about selecting the right clients, “It’s so important to have the right clients. I’m a strong believer that you can’t do epic shit for basic people. The careful selection of clients and projects is very important to the direction of Design Army. The clients and projects that we take today are going to set the tone for the projects that we execute tomorrow. That is part of our success.”

Have a friend who is always late?

White pants are hard, but these pants on the right person would be amazing!

Ever wonder how much pee there is in a pool? Or not, but now you just have to know…

Did you hear that Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy? Founder, Sophia Amoruso, said at the Business Chicks conference that “Filing for bankruptcy is actually the most responsible decision for the business.” Apparently they aren’t planning on shutting down, but just doing some restructuring, etc. Read more here.


Photo by Federico Picci