Link Love + A Hike

Hiking the Billy Goat Trail

Last weekend I hiked the Billy Goat Trail with a bunch of friends and Pretty Girls Hike. The hike was put on by Filson, which outfitted us for the afternoon. I’ve already worn this sweater twice! Desiree nailed it with her amazing outfit (above). It just happened to be gorgeous weather — perfectly colorfully fall. It was one of those experiences where you are like, why don’t I do this more often! I love hiking and definitely need to make it more of a habit with my Mr.

AMAZING article in Vogue about Michele Obama.

“I own who I am when I walk into a room, and it is only age that has given me the privilege to feel that. What 32-year-old me could never have known is that growing older is such a gift. Age has mellowed many of my insecurities because the pressure is no longer on me. At 47, I’m finding that my trouser pockets are filled with fewer and fewer fucks.” — Stacy London on aging and fashion. Such a good read!

This is a super cute/fun holiday dress!

I’ve always felt like there isn’t enough education in high school or college about finances. Thought this article was interesting.

Loved Hallie’s post about memories.

Might have to make this mini pumpkin cheesecake recipe!

How to ripen an avocado in 10 minutes.

I seriously want these sneakers.

All of your Thanksgiving food questions answered here.

The shape of your spine and back pain. My husband has back issues, I was diagnosed with scoliosis (mild and I assume due to bad posture) when I was in middle school, so unfortunately I need to learn about this stuff. Guess I’ll be going to solidcore a lot more often…

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Photo by Laura Metzler