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Lonny August 2012 / Photography by Patrick Cline


As my personality unfolds on my blog through stories about my life, it warms my heart to see other bloggers — and in many cases friends — bare their soul, their real self, and be completely honest about their lives. Lisa is a great example of this. Over the years she’s shared personal stories of health issues she’s gone through and those struggles, and now she’s sharing a more personal relationship story, and I love it. We are all just human. We all need help. We all need guidance and other people in our lives. Thanks for sharing this story Lisa.

It was a good week for digital mags. Matchbook, Rue and Lonny all out with new issues.
Get your click on.
A great new series on Victoria’s blog you should check out.
I think it’s going to be hilarious!
I always thought Jen’s husband was a chef, because he’s always making her amazing dishes (totally jelly over here), and I don’t know why I just assumed he was. Maybe it was because they lived in Vegas? Anyway, he isn’t an actual day-job chef, but he’s still an obvious rockstar in the kitchen, which is why I’m so excited that he started a food blog — check it out here. I’ll be stalking it for recipes.CHAIRS
I. Want. These. Chairs.
A few Washingtonian posts recently — a moody library, a French Patio,