LINK LOVE (+ Running Update)

selena gomez

Oh Saturday mornings. A time when I feel no guilt about being lazy. Laying around on the couch in my pajamas drinking coffee and reading magazines (and usually scrolling through my Bloglovin).

Some links from the week:

Rebecca Atwood launched her much anticipated shop.

The perfect light sweater for spring.

I’m honored and excited to be speaking on the Personal Branding for the Digital World panel at American University’s Social Learning Summit on April 13th.

I. Am. Obsessed. With this bathroom. I even added some horns to my own place this week.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over military style. Always loved it.

Let’s talk Ryan Gosling. After perusing this slideshow on Into The Gloss I was in deep thought about a few things: one — he could be mistaken for Macaulay Culkin in a few of those younger shots. Two — Are him an Justin still friends? Three — (and my personal opinion) he wasn’t hot until Crazy Stupid Love… and then he was real real hot. It’s all about the attitude. The George Clooney attitude. And the abs, I mean those help.

I may have added these black & white flats to my spring wardrobe this week.

Thanks to Glitter Guide for naming me one of their 20 Favorite Pinterest Accounts to Follow! Follow me here (I promise you won’t be disappointed — I love pinning!). And PS you might want to follow me on Facebook… I post funny stuff… like this.

Loving Alicia’s look this week!

Casie introduced me to quercetin, which I’m going to have to try for running.


I’m actually a bit bummed. I haven’t been able to run all week because of a little injury. It’s super frustrating. I think my legs just caught up to my enthusiam for running and they were like — Hey, you haven’t used us like this for um a decade… did you really think you’d get off without injury! Give us time to catch up! Maybe you guys can help me here — sorry if this is TMI but last Wednesday I ran 5 miles (this was right after the awesome 8-mile I did). Almost immediately into the 5 miles I got a pain in my butt. And I was like, hmmm what is this? It wasn’t like awful fall on the ground pain, but definitely uncomfortable enough to where I stopped about once a mile to stretch to see if that helped. I ran the entire 5 miles because I didn’t want to be a wuss and wanted to continue training. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea? Who knows. I was fine. I even ran the next day or day after up at a track and did intervals to try to get faster and that was ok. But walking around just in general my butt and down the outside of my leg to my knee started to not be happy with me. Then it turned mostly into my knee. Just walking around I could feel it. Again, not terrible cry pain, but just like I don’t like the feeling of this pain.

Last Saturday I was supposed to do a 10-mile training run. After the 8-miler I was so optimistic about it, but then the butt/knee pain started. Me and the Mr. did 6 miles (my knee not feeling good the entire time) until I decided that going 4 more wouldn’t be a good idea. I also think I was favoring my left leg that entire 6 miles — also not good. I’ve been icing my knee (admittedly only once or twice a day), taking ibuprofen, and rolling on our foam roller (though maybe not frequently enough). Of course that same pain started on the other side of my butt, and I was freaking scared it would move down that leg, so I’m rolling on both legs now. It’s been a week since the 6-mile run (that was supposed to be 10). I thought taking the week off to not continue to make the injury worse would be a good idea. It feels better today than it has all week, but I feel like crap. Sedentary crap. After running 4x a week then not makes you feel icky.

I’m going to try an easy jog today and see how that goes. With the half marathon at the end of April, I can’t really afford to take too much more time off if I want to train properly and feel confident at the race.

Obviously I’m pretty sure it’s my IT band that just needs rolling out. But anyone with any experience/knowledge of this please leave me your comments/experience/suggestions!!! Any physical therapists or doctors our there??? I also went to yoga and will be going back tomorrow, that seemed to help. And I think I’ll go get a massage this week — would that be helpful?