Lipstick Love

This post would have been perfect to post before Valentine’s Day but I forgot about it. I figured February is still the month of LOVE so here we are.

This is another one for my Makeup Art series. A simple creative exercise where I use makeup to make something. Sometimes what I create ends up looking really cool, sometimes what I make sucks. Either is fine, it’s just an exercise!

I like to take myself out of my usual box of paint or oil pastels and use things to create art that I don’t typically use and then see what I come up with.

This was just a quick fun drawing with Urban Decay’s Born To Run Vice Lipstick in Ready.

The tissue is because I had to keep wiping off the lipstick as I was drawing, and when I was finished I thought the tissue was more beautiful than the drawing!

Urban Decay Lipstick on Tissue
LOVE Lipstick Sketch
LOVE Lipstick Art
Urban Decay Lipstick - Makeup Art

Photos by Emma Weiss for