Looking Back at 2017

looking back at 2017

Looking back at 2017, it’s really not what I thought it was going to be at all. I mean, I think about 50% of Americans would tell you that. I had a rough start to 2017, but things picked up and ended up being a year of transition for me.

Some big things that happened in 2017 — I launched my the new MegBiram.com in March, celebrated 10 years of blogging in November, had 4 mural painting jobs — one of which was in a new restaurant in a new Intercontinental hotel here in DC.

I didn’t do nearly as much traveling as I would have liked. I’m actually just now realizing how little travel I did. However, the lack of travel was probably mostly due to the fact that my husband and I BOUGHT A HOUSE this year! Looking for a house in the DC area is a job in itself (it was) then going through the offer process is all-consuming. Moving and readjusting is time consuming and our move really threw me off for a few months. I was in such a routine for a year and a half so moving to a new neighborhood where I literally had to GPS everywhere for a while was something to get used to.

I can say that I’ve finally gotten into a routine, but I think it’s about to change again in 2018 (for the better!). I’ve been working from home A LOT because going into my office the city every day from my house and dealing with the insane traffic we have here and parking just seems like a waste of time. But working from home 24/7 drives me crazy, so I’m working on changing that situation.

Due to the nature of my job, I really have no idea what could happen each year. I can plan and plan and pitch ideas and none of them could ever happen, but something else I didn’t even think of — that’s even better — could happen.

I would have never at the beginning of 2017 thought I’d have 28-foot mural in a new restaurant that is in an Intercontinental hotel, but it happened. So here’s to more of that in 2018!

I like to do these Year in Review posts mainly for myself. I love looking back at them and remembering the year. But if you are new around here, they will give you a good place to start digging through content!


2017 Year In Review



+ Shared How I Made it Easier to Accomplish My #1 Goal
+ Started my Book Club column!


+ Saw the Stuart Davis show at the National Gallery of Art.
+ Shared my best relationship advice.
+ Shared the results from my reader survey.


+ I launched a brand new MegBiram.com!
+ Painted this fun mural at a DC office.
+ Went to Miami. Stayed at Fountainebleau. Can I transport myself there now?
+ I bought a super out of character dress.


+ Named one of DC’s Trendsetters by Washington Life magazine.
+ Shared the story of my mother’s ring.
+ Hemingway turned one!


+ We bought a house!
+ My husband and I hiked in Joshua Tree.
+ Spent time in LA and Palm Springs.


+ I went on a hot air balloon ride!
+ Went to Phoenix in 120 degree weather.
+ Claire shared her story in my Heirloom series.
+ After two years, I finally liked my hair again.
+ I did goat yoga!
+ I started my Beauty Dossier column.


+ Learned more about my body through genetic testing.
+ Shared my personal art history.


+ Went to Lake Tahoe and got in a mountain biking accident.
+ Painted two murals — eyes and eyelashes and black & white abstract.
+ I saw the YSL show in Richmond, Virginia.
+ This phone accessory changed my life.


+ Gave you my recipe for a cheaper, healthier, pumpkin spice latte.
+ I showed you my nude lipstick collection.


+ Big art moment for me — I painted a huge mural at the new Kith & Kin restaurant at The Intercontinental at The Wharf. Another angle here.
+ My 3 best gal pals came to DC to visit me!
+ Saw the Foo Fighters open the Anthem.
+ I decided this is what I would dress like when I’m 90. And 34.
+ I got a new bike!


+ I celebrated 10 YEARS of blogging!
+ I learned 22 things from my new dermatologist.
+ I got to meet my adorable niece Evie!
+ Partnered with CB2 to design this modern holiday table.
+ This floral silk robe was a good decision.


+ We decked out our new house in white lights!
+ This dress and the intersection of fashion and art.
+ Talked about a different approach to eating healthy.
+ This check skirt came into my life.

The more I look back at 2017, the more I realize it was a great year! Just not in the ways I expected.

How was 2017 to you?


Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash, edited by Meg Biram