Love Necklaces and a Piano

Maybe this is just me and a few of my friends, but it seems like the older you get the more you don’t care about Valentine’s Day, or it’s just about the kids.

I have never really cared about Valentine’s Day. It’s a little cheesy for me. And I just don’t think red roses and chocolates are very thoughtful. It’s just so expected. But that’s just me. You do you!

I’ve said this before but I’d much rather have my husband get me flowers on a random Tuesday than red roses on Valentine’s Day.

We also don’t get each other gifts. For birthdays and anniversaries we will go out to dinner, but usually no gifts and if there are gifts it’s either a complete surprise or we get something together like something for the house, or maybe even go on a vacation.

The no-gift situation solves a lot of could-be problems in my mind. No guessing, no disappointments, etc. And then when we each do stumble upon the perfect thing for each other, it’s so much more fun since it’s a surprise!

I surprised my husband with a Rubix cube for Christmas (gifts don’t have to be something expensive!) and he loves it!

This is where the word piano comes in. If you’ve read my looking ahead posts the past few years, I often talk about wanting a piano. I played for 10 years growing up, then got too busy and was doing that teenager thing and stopped playing.

In college I realized how much I missed being able to play and took a studio piano class as an elective. It was SO HARD getting back into it after several years. It was also really annoying to reserve a room and practice. So I didn’t practice much and didn’t do well in my class either.

But now that it’s been over a decade since college, and I STILL want to play and talk about a piano all the time, it was clear to me and my husband that I would actually play it.

I had put getting a piano out of my head for a while. There are other updates we both want to do to our home that benefit both of us so I didn’t want to spend the money on a piano just for me.

My husband decided it was the perfect time to surprise me with one (I have no idea what else inspired him to do it this month). I came home from a night out with a friend last week to a digital piano sitting on our coffee table.

I was in complete shock. I had NO IDEA he was going to do that and he was at the gym whenever I got home so it was just sitting there for me to discover.

It is one of the sweetest surprise gifts he’s ever gotten for me, although all of his surprise gifts are usually really good. One year for our anniversary he got me an easel. So sweet.

Back to the piano. Eventually I’d love an actual piano, but when you share a wall with a neighbor, being able to control the sound is important. Knowing I wanted it to be as piano-like as possible, he got me a weighted-key digital piano. It’s lovely.

I’ve already started practicing some songs. Unfortunately this month is crazy with work so I don’t think I’ll get in as much practice as I’d like to, but the few hours I’ve already put in have been fun and challenging.

It’s crazy to go through my old music books and see what I used to be able to play, and now I hardly remember what half of the symbols mean and am having to relearn how to read sheet music.

It’s a challenge that my brain hasn’t had to do in a while. I can feel how it’s working in a way that I haven’t had to tap recently. While hard, it also feels good.

When I’m playing/practicing time just slips away. I get into a zone. I have no idea how much time has passed as I try to relearn music I used to play and practice the same notes over and over until I can get it right most of the the time.

What do hearts have to do with this? Well since it is almost Valentine’s Day, and I don’t really do gift guides very often anymore, I did want to mention one thing that I got recently that would make a great gift. Since the piano gift was so close to Valentine’s Day I’m tagging these necklaces on to the piano story!

A jewelry designer named Hart Hagerty makes this heart necklace (right) that I’m obsessed with. I actually love all of her necklaces, and she has several with hearts on them. Shown here is her My Love necklace.

A young, female designer/entrepreneur, Hart, majored in Chinese and lived in Shanghai for 5 years, so her spin on things is just fascinating to me. Also the price for the quality of her products is shocking. This necklace is only $88 and it’s heavy. It feels so luxe, $88 is a steal for it. I wear mine all the time.

Since it’s too late to order one and get it before Valentine’s Day, I mean you could just order one for yourself (the Regio necklace is the perfect one to treat yourself with), or you can see her list of vendors to see if you can go pick one up before the big day.

Locally (DC/NOVA) you can find her pieces at The Shoe Hive, and they are actually doing a promotion where if you spend $250 you get a pair of Hart’s knot earrings, and if you spend $500 you get a free Hart Love necklace. So head over to The Shoe Hive (or send your partner) to do some shopping!

The other pieces shown in these photos are other love-related necklaces that I have and love. The Sagittarius symbol necklace (left) I got at another local store Diament Jewelry at The Wharf (I’m not a Sagittarius but I just loved the necklace). It was super affordable and they have a TON of affordable jewelry there. Lots of zodiac symbols, initials, etc.

The necklace with the hand (center) is from one of my favorite small jewelry companies, Workhorse Jewelry. It’s the Cupid necklace and I just think it’s so cool. All of their jewelry is just cool and basically I want almost all of it.

There are SO MANY jewelry companies that I love, I need to do an entire post on them.

If you don’t have a partner this “love” season, then treat yourself to something you want! I’ll just be over here playing my piano. 🙂


Photos by Emma Weiss