CHIC DESK Accessories

Even though I’m a firm believer in using what you have and not letting your circumstances or space stop you from getting shit done — if you can make your office and desk a place that you enjoy looking at I do think it can be helpful and inspiring.

In Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit, she said something that really make me think about the space in which I work:

A lot of habitually creative people have preparation rituals linked to the setting in which they choose to start their day. By putting themselves into that environment, they being their creative day. Make it easy on yourself. Find a working environment where the prospect of wrestling with your muse doesn’t scare you, doesn’t shut you down. To get the creative habit you need a working environment that’s habit-forming.

Make it easy on yourself to start the work you need to get done. When I worked from home before I had fully furnished and decorated my place how I wanted it, every day I would be sitting in my environment trying to work, but I would be thinking about how I didn’t like my space and sometimes it would distract me. So like Twyla says — make it easy on yourself. If you can change even one small thing to make it easier on yourself, do it.


I’m wanting to get some bulldog clips to hang on the wall with papers I want to see every day. It can look cool above a desk like this.

I keep my GSD Master To-Do List on my desk on this acrylic clipboard.

I actually use Google Calendar to plan out my day and meetings, but I’m using this gorgeous planner by Julia Kostreva for keeping track of my goals (post coming up on this!).

Always always keep a few business cards on you. A chic card holder helps.

I feel like I use scissors 100 times a day. Always good to have a few pairs around.

I’m constantly piling up papers on my desk, so things like having a mail tray for the mail I need to send out each day is useful.

One of my daily rituals is burning a candle at the office. Lighting an actual match and having a lovely scent fill up the office makes the work day even happier.

Something overlooked as far as decor goes is the tissue box. Ever since I discovered chic tissue box covers (not grandma’s needlepoint one that looks like a tea cozy) I’ve got every tissue box in my home and studio covered with a chic cover.

What do you have on your desk that helps inspire you to get your work done?