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This STOP/START list concept is a new and old.

I say old because (I think) a lot of cultures do IN/OUT type of lists on New Years and burn them at midnight. I remember when I was in Colombia (the country) my sophomore year of high school over the holidays visiting my ex-boyfriend who was an exchange student the year prior in my city. Even though we were just friends after he went home, he was more than willing to let me come visit so I could see his city, his friends, his life (although I’m pretty sure his new girlfriend did not like that I was there…). No, I don’t know why my parents let me go to Colombia in 1998, they are just that awesome. Anyway, on New Year’s Eve there were so many traditions! First, you are with family until midnight. We ate tamales, something with 12 wishes and burning paper (similar to in/out start/stop), then you go out with friends (starting at like 1am) for lots of dancing and drinking until the sun comes up. Carlene also just wrote about an IN/OUT list based on a Native American arrow ritual. And I’m sure there’s more out there about these types of things — basically it’s not new.

But I say new because I think it’s sort of the hot new unresolution type thing to do in the New Year instead of making resolutions. I’ve seen mentions of this concept on Entrepreneur, Jim Collins, and Fast Company recently.

Also, it’s easy to remember and to do yourself. So I challenge you to do your own STOP/START list for 2015. I actually do a lot more extensive goal planning (more on that later), but here’s a few things on my own list:




1. Negative self talk — I was really bad about it this year. My goals are so big I get down on myself really easily if things aren’t going how I want them to.

2. Thinking about working out — Thinking about it doesn’t burn calories unfortunately.

3. Doing nothing on the weekends and get out — Sometimes on the weekends I’m a hermit. Especially in the winter! I need to not be such a hermit.

4. Keeping beauty products around that I know I won’t use — I just have way too many products (I get sent a lot to test out) and they take up two giant shelves. Unnecessary.

5. Drinking so much — I actually don’t drink that much, but there’s been a few too many times that I can’t just stop at two glasses of wine (or margaritas) and then I can’t sleep and I’m off the following day, which results in being unproductive and typically not feeling well. So maybe this should be something more like — stop myself after two drinks!




1. Actually work out — Went on a pretty long hiatus and randomly worked out here and there since we went to the Bahamas last April. Need to get back to doing it on the regular.

2. Having dinner parties at my place — Because dinner parties are fun!

3. A better morning routine — Don’t hate me, but I haven’t used an alarm clock regularly for like four years, maybe longer. I just get up when I’ve gotten enough sleep and usually around when my husband gets up (I’m a light sleeper). This is a perk to working for yourself (and not scheduling early meetings). And as much as I think that getting enough sleep is vital for your brain and productivity, I’d like to be more consistent about getting in bed and falling asleep so I can wake up earlier.

4. Doing things further in advance — Basically planning. To make big things happen you have to plan more.

5. Taking advantage of the amazing museums DC has to offer — there are so many awesome museums in DC and I’m embarrassed to tell you how many I’ve been to since I moved here… not many.


What’s on your STOP/START list this year?


The saying above I painted in ink, and it’s actually from Melissa McCarthy as Megan in Bridesmaids when she’s snapping Kristen Wiig out of her funk.