Making My Home “Smart”

And an end to the thermostat battle!

Hive App - Meg Biram

Since I’ve been renting for the past 7 years, I haven’t been able to have a “smart” home. But since we recently bought a house (!!!) I was finally able to get my new home set up with the cool technology that’s available nowadays.

I love anything that makes my life easier and less complicated. If something makes my life less complicated and it’s beautiful, it’s a real winner. I’ve never understood bad design — for anything! Toasters can be pretty, computers can be aesthetically pleasing, — there’s just no excuse for bad design! I hate surrounding myself with things that when I look at them I think that could be designed so much better.

Hive Motion Sensor on Bookshelf

I’m so happy to be working with Hive to get my home set up to where I don’t even have to think about certain things anymore, basically turn my home into a “smart” home! Do any of you guys have something like this in your home? How has it changed your day-to-day?

Hive Thermostat

The main Hive item is the thermostat. I love the sleek design of the thermostat. Now you know what I mean about being well-designed. This thermostat just goes right along with the decor in my living room — not an eyesore at all, it’s actually really beautiful. It can tell when you are about to touch it and it lights up. It’s also touchscreen!

I don’t know about you but in my house it’s the battle of the thermostat. I’m always cold, my husband is always hot. So finding the right temperatures for us where we both feel comfortable has been a constant battle. But I’m happy to say, not anymore!

You can control the temperature via the Hive app on your phone and we were able to on temperatures that we have the thermostat preset to so they gradually change (not freezing me out!). We can change the schedule easily from our phones or manually at home, but now the thermostat changes automatically! No more having to get out of bed, and run downstairs because I forgot to turn the air down for overnight (we like it really cold when we sleep! 68 degrees!). Isn’t it the worst when you forget to do something and you are already in bed!?!

For security Hive has a motion sensor made for your doors that will alert you via the app whenever the door is closed or opened. This makes me feel better about being out of town — we would be alerted if anyone opened our door at all!

This is helpful in so many ways. If everyone in a household works and no one should be home you would know something was wrong if you got an alert. Maybe if you have kids home alone or an elderly parent you’re taking care of — you can be alerted if the door opens and call them.

Hive Motion Sensor on Bookshelf

There’s another wireless censor that will alert you anytime there is movement in your home. It’s tiny and fits right on my bookshelf without being obvious.

Hive Motion Sensor on Bookshelf

You can hardly see it in this photo, it just seamlessly fits into the home. I love that.

Meg Biram with Hive Lightbulb

What’s really cool is that you can connect this motion sensor to one of the Hive Active Lightbulbs. So we set it up to where anytime there is motion on a specific motion sensor (you can give multiple sensors around your home different names so you can control them all separately), a lamp goes on in our house. Additionally, we have the same lightbulb set on a timer, so the motion sensor only turns the light on between certain hours. It’s just another additional feeling of security to help potentially scare of anyone that might break into our home, which after listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast, I have a heightened desire for security.

Meg Biram with Hive Lightbulb

But I also like it for when I’m coming downstairs late at night, I don’t have to fumble for the light switch, the light just automatically goes on. Also the lightbulbs are dimmable, so you can set how bright they will be from your phone. We haven’t had dimmable lights for years and I’m now remembering how nice it is to have soft light at certain times of day.

Funny thing, right after my photographer took this photo I dropped this lightbulb. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t glass, so it didn’t break! Worked perfectly even after I dropped it!

Hive Outlet in Meg Biram's Home

Another “smart” addition is the Hive Active Plug. We plugged a lamp into it in our front window and scheduled it to go on at night and/or while we are out of town. I love that we can make it look like we are home if we aren’t. You can set it on a schedule or manually turn it on/off via the app on your phone.

Hive Outlet

The plug works with more than just lamps of course — you can also use it for appliances or things like your hair straightener. So if you are one of those people who always forgets to turn off your straightener, this plug would be perfect for you because you can check the outlet on your phone and turn it off via the app. You’ll never have to turn around and go home again to check and see if you turned it off.

Hive App

Maybe I shouldn’t be so amazed by all of this technology, but I just love how it easily takes certain worries or inconveniences out of my life, and makes other things easier. I love having all these different features work together in one system and one app instead of a bunch of different things I have to manage. Check out the different plans to choose from depending on your needs.

Is there any technology in your life that you couldn’t live without!?

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